Homerpalooza PSA: Finish the Questline as soon as possible: Early Bonuts!

Something different was chosen by EA for this event, the Bonuts (Bonus Donuts) that you can get after earning all prizes is different this time! They trigger as soon as you complete the main questline! Join us right after the jump for all the details!

Note: This post contains spoilers on future acts!

This time EA changed the cards as you just need to complete the main questline to unlock the Bonus donuts!

Now, it may sound weird, as every time we were required to unlock the final prize, but this time you just need to unlock the middle one and finish the questline.

In Act 1, you need to unlock Nick Delacourt, to finish Rock And Roll Never Forgets Unfortunately Pt. 8. The questline ends on Pt. 9.

In Act 2, you need to unlock the Pop Star Plane, to finish Pop and Circumstance Pt. 4. The questline ends on Pt. 6.

In Act 3, you need to unlock Rappin’ Bart, to finish Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 3. The questline ends on Pt. 6.

After completing the questline, the quest appears in the task book, and collecting the needed event currency you’ll get the box with 1, 2 or 3 donuts as usual.

In Act 1, you need to collect 5.000 Cuffs, in Act 2, you need to collect 10.000 Sunglasses, in Act 3, you need to collect 15.000 Blings.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


8 thoughts on “Homerpalooza PSA: Finish the Questline as soon as possible: Early Bonuts!

  1. Anyone else notice anything with lawyers? I keep getting notices of neighbors leaving them in my town but when I go to look for them they aren’t there. Just stated this morning. I know they are hard to find but that’s not the case here.


  2. Aafreen Inayat 08/08/2017 — 07:55

    Hi Gio

    I noticed something alarming. For Pop stage, we would need new kids (Milhouse, Ralph, Nelson, Bart, Maggie) & then we would need to level them up to 5 stars also. Also, then would be the quest of Weird Al Yankovic to finish to get him to use Pop stage

    The alarming thing is that the amount needed to get the prizes for each Act is INCREASING with each Act

    e.g. For first prize of Acts 1. 2 & 3, one needs 4800, 10500 & 16200 event currency respectively
    And for the last prize of Acts 1. 2 & 3, one needs 48300, 105,500 & 162,600 event currency respectively

    How would this be possible if we “possibly CANNOT” use the Rock characters (like Peter D’Abbruzio, Rockin’ Otto, Freddy Freeman, Shredder Stevens) , in other 2 stages? : OO

    Any theories on how the increasing event currency for prizes would be achievable ?? confused

    Im beginning to think I should buy Freddy Freeman & Shredder Stevens …… I dont need them at all for Act 1, but I feel that they might now be get used to help in Acts 2 & 3, with the increasing currency required for prizes


    1. it seems like we can use them but only with other people of the same type, so i.e. you cant use Otto with Milhouse. This seems to be what’s happening. but we can’t be 100% sure. the files are not clear on this 😦


    2. TheRealTiminator 08/08/2017 — 16:32

      It’s also possible that they will increase the payout amounts for both performers & fans tapped in subsequent Acts.
      This is something that they have often done in past events, in fact the Time Travel event last time out was the 1st time I can remember the payouts not changing from Act to Act.


  3. Blue haired 08/07/2017 — 21:03

    Thanks for the heads up, this is a nice surprise because I really want Bleeding gums Murphy. Thank God he is around for the whole event!


  4. TheRealTiminator 08/07/2017 — 20:34

    Good to know that it was intentional & will remain that way in all 3 Acts, I thought it was a glitch & was keeping vewy, vewy, quiet while I was hunting bonuts so EA didn’t notice & issue a patch to remove it. 🙂


    1. nah they programmed it like that or i’d have not mentioned it this widely


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