Homerpalooza: Act 1 Prizes Walkthrough Part 1

Rockers, sheds, ballons and more are the rock act prizes. Join us right after the jump for the first part of their walkthrough!

Swine-ing High

Auto starts

Homer: Hey, it’s an inflatable concert pig, just like at Hullabalooza.
Lisa: It’s a symbol of the corporate greed of the record companies.
Homer: Except, now all the greedy record companies are out of business.
Bart: So now it just means “Caution: a fat man may try to sing”.

Hidden Threads

Auto starts

Wiggum: The Thread Shed! That would be perfect for buying undercover costumes.
Wiggum: I have reason to suspect that there may, just may be, drugs in rock and roll.
Lou: Fine I’ll dress up as Prince, you can dress as Meatloaf.
Wiggum: Did you say meatloaf? The drugs can wait, I’m hungry.

Task: Make Wiggum Shop for Undercover Outfits
Time: 6h
Location: Rock Camp Thread Shed
Task: Make Lou Regret Talking
Time: 6h
Location: Rock Camp Thread Shed

Only Drummers Die Young Pt. 1

Nick Delacourt starts

Nick Delacourt: Forget it, Shredder. I’m not going on tour. I’m afraid of dying out there.
Shredder Stevens: Oh, don’t worry about that. We mostly replace you with a drum machine anyway.
Nick Delacourt: Did not know that. But I mean really dying.
Shredder Stevens: You’re worried about the drummer’s curse, eh? How they all die young?
Nick Delacourt: No, I’m worried about all the fatty foods on the road. I have rock-star level cholesterol.

Task: Make Nick Hide From Dietary Cholesterol
Time: 4h
Location: Brown House

Only Drummers Die Young Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer: Nick, you can’t just hide out in the Brown House. That’s where everyone goes to do weird things… and you’re just making it weirder.
Marge: If you’re worried about your health, you should go see a doctor.
Nick Delacourt: Hm. As a flakey musician, I usually go see a crystal healing witch. But I guess I could try Western medicine.

Task: Reach Level 24 and Place Hibbert Family Practice
Task: Make Nick Get a Check-Up
Time: 8h
Location: Hibbert Family Practice

Homer: Did Hibbert give you a clean bill of health?
Nick Delacourt: Yes!
Nick Delacourt: He also scheduled me for a colonoscopy.

Only Drummers Die Young Pt. 3

Bart starts

Bart: How’s your obsession with death coming along, Nick?
Nick Delacourt: The obsession is doing great. But I could do with some cheering up.
Lisa: The number one step in staying healthy is getting exercise.
Nick Delacourt: Of course! And I know the perfect exercise.

Task: Make Nick Spin His Drumsticks
Time: 4h

Lisa: Twirling your drumsticks is exercise?
Nick Delacourt: It’s exhausting physically AND emotionally. What if you drop a stick just when you need to beat out a riff?
Nick Delacourt: That’s why drummers all keep a spare drumstick down their pants.
Bart: I wondered why they walked so funny.
Nick Delacourt: Oh, that’s because they’re drunk.

Only Drummers Die Young Pt. 4

Bart starts

Bart: Hey, Nick. You don’t seem so worried about your health anymore. Find a way to break the curse?
Nick Delacourt: Yep. Check out this line of vitamin supplements I’m taking.
Bart: *reading* “Nick Delacourt’s Hi-hat Health Supplements”.
Bart: These really make you feel better?
Nick Delacourt: The money I make from selling them does.

Task: Make Nick Package Health Pills
Time: 4h
Location: Brown House
Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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