Homerpalooza: Act 1 Prizes Walkthrough Part 2 and Craftables Walkthrough

Another rocker is the final prize of the track, while crowds cheer or boo the rockers in the craftables. Join us right after the jump for the second part of their walkthrough!

Weapons of Mass Audio Production Pt. 1

Peter D’Abruzzio starts

Peter D’Abruzzio: Shredder, I can’t go on stage with these speakers.
Peter D’Abruzzio: They are so not loud I can barely not hear myself think.
Lisa: Maybe if the speakers weren’t so loud and distorted, people could actually hear the notes you are playing.
Peter D’Abruzzio: That’s what I’m afraid of.

Task: Make Peter D’Abbruzio Play a Session

Weapons of Mass Audio Production Pt. 2

Peter D’Abruzzio starts

Peter D’Abruzzio: I need louder speakers! Noise is what rock and roll is all about.
Shredder Stevens: What?
Nick Delacourt: What?
Shredder Stevens: I can’t hear you. I have tinnitus from years of loud speakers.
Nick Delacourt: Sorry. You have to speak louder to get past my tinnitus.

Task: Make Peter Struggle With Tinnitus
Time: 8h
Location: Sungazer Studio

Peter D’Abruzzio: If I had any hearing left maybe I wouldn’t be so desperate for louder speakers.

Weapons of Mass Audio Production Pt. 3

Peter D’Abruzzio starts

Gil: I hear you’re looking for new speakers, Mr. D’Abbruzio. Well, I got just the thing.
Gil: Surplus Navy loudspeakers, fresh off a battleship.
Gil: Just imagine them blasting out: “General quarters! Incoming aircraft! This is not a drill!”.
Peter D’Abruzzio: Thanks, but I need top end fidelity.
Gil: Wait! Mine are on sale, a nickel a decibel. I’ll give you the whole set for a half-eaten chicken sandwich!

Task: Reach Level 17 and Build King Toot’s
Task: Make Peter Browse for Better Equipment
Time: 4h
Location: King Toot’s

Peter D’Abruzzio: What’s the loudest amp you offer?
Squeaky Voice Teen: What’s an amp?
Peter D’Abruzzio: You’re a music store employee. Don’t you know?
Squeaky Voice Teen: Sorry, but for every job in town it’s either me or the wise-guy dude.

Weapons of Mass Audio Production Pt. 4

Peter D’Abruzzio starts

Peter D’Abruzzio: *Sigh* I’m never gonna find a set of speakers that capture my inner volume.
Lisa: You know, there’s more to being a musician than loud speakers.
Peter D’Abruzzio: Of course! You’re right! There’s hair!

Task: Make Peter Take Wigs to Eleven
Time: 8h

Shredder Stevens: Okay, we’ve got our song list, our supplements, and our wigs. We’re ready to go on tour.
Shredder Stevens: Is there anything we’ve forgotten?
Bart: Anyone who will actually pay to see you?
Shredder Stevens: Good point. Tour canceled!

Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP

On Rude Crowd Purchased

Auto starts

Task: Tap on the Rude Crowd [x3]

On Cheering Crowd Purchased

Auto starts

Task: Tap on the Cheering Crowd [x3]

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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