Homerpalooza: Act 2 start!

Act 2 has started, with the arrival of New Bedlam Rest Home w/Leon Kompowsky too!


2 thoughts on “Homerpalooza: Act 2 start!

  1. Wow! Super confusing already & I haven’t even unlocked the Pop Stage yet.
    All of a sudden half my characters can’t perform at the Kwik-e-Mart any more, only the kids (& Bleeding Gums Murphy).???
    Gotta be real careful who you put on where now, it’s safer not to use the autofill now, I had to make myself a little table of who can perform where & who knows if it’s gonna change again when I unlock the Pop Stage?
    It’s also gonna be a tough ask to get the Railyard donuts this week, I only got 1 person who can collect plastic now that isn’t either performing on stage or collecting for Weird Al.
    I feel some late nights coming on, LOL. 😛


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