Homerpalooza: Act 2 Walkthrough

Time to build a second stage and grab new prizes as the second act of the game has just started. Join us right after the jump for its walkthrough!

Pop and Circumstance Pt. 1

Auto starts

Lisa: Wow, our Rock Festival stage has really brought in the fans. Now it’s time to hit them with our Jazz Festival, right?
Lisa: Right?!
Homer: Lisa, Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Bart: Also, the Romans fed jazz musicians to the lions.
Homer: First, we have to expand our audience beyond stoned elderly hippies, to include ignorant narcissistic teens.
Lisa: You mean… a pop stage! O.M.G.
Homer: Yeah, I think that’s one of the bands.

Build the Pop Stage

Homer: Our ridiculously glitzy Pop Stage is built. Now, we just need some pop stars.
Lisa: If that’s what it takes to get my Jazz festival, I do know one ex-pop star: Ralph Wiggum.
Lisa: Although yesterday he was crying because he lost a booger.

Quest rewards: 25 Event Currency and 10 XP

Pop and Circumstance Pt. 2

Milhouse starts

Ralph: The Party Posse is back! And scary.
Milhouse: The beat is droppin’!
Nelson: Our look is heart-stoppin’!
Bart: And the champagne is… do I really have to do this?
L.T. Smash: Your dad signed you all to a 99-year contract.
Homer: Fought him down from 100.

Task: Take a Performer Jam on the Pop Stage

Milhouse: This song’s going out to a very special girl: Lisa Simpson!
Lisa: You know, maybe I should switch to playing blues. ‘Cause I am really paying my dues here.

Quest rewards: 25 Event Currency and 10 XP

Pop and Circumstance Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Lisa: You were right, Dad, expanding to pop music is bringing in the kids. Although they’re looking kind of tuckered out from all the fun.
Homer: Some Buzz Cola will be just the thing to over-stimulate them!
Quimby: Plus, it will launch one of our main revenue streams.
Lisa: The sales tax on sodas?
Quimby: The twenty-five cent fee to use the port-a-potties!

Craft Buzz Cola Tent

Lisa: We’re at a music festival. Why is the Buzz Cola tent blasting out its own, different music?
Homer: Otherwise you wouldn’t know it was cool.

Quest rewards: 25 Event Currency and 10 XP

Pop and Circumstance Pt. 4

Lisa starts

Lisa: Ugh, this pop festival is nothing but overpaid, undertalented local performers.
Lisa: We need an overpaid, undertalented international star.
Wiggum: Then we’re going to need a pointlessly glitzy, fundamentally unpleasant place for her to hang out with other celebrities.

Place Pop Star Plane

Lisa: Whoever made this plane is definitely guilty of a crime… against good taste.
Quimby: If I catch him, he’ll fry. That’s legal, right?

Quest rewards: 25 Event Currency and 10 XP

Pop and Circumstance Pt. 5

Lisa starts

Lisa: Well, the plane is glitzy and pointless all right. But will it really attract celebrities?
Paris Texan: O.M.G., people! There’s a ladies room in the back of this plane with no line!
Homer: The secret to stardom: knowing where the empty bathrooms are.

Task: Make Celebrities Take Selfies in Pop Star Plane [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Pop Star Plane

Lisa: Pop sensation Alaska Nebraska just told fans online about Springfield! She must be interested!
Bart: Just don’t tell her Moe is running the limo service from the airport.
Moe: We guarantee to paw through your luggage while you’re not looking.
System Message: You have completed the Act 2 story! Keep expanding your Festival and tapping Fans, Act 3 starts soon!

Quest rewards: 50 Event Currency and 20 XP

More Pop

Auto starts

Task: Collect Sunglasses [x10000]

Quest reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Five Year Anniversary

Auto starts

System Message: Happy anniversary Tappers! It’s been 5 years and a day since Homer destroyed Springfield and you destroyed your lives helping him rebuild it. Keep at it!

Quest reward: 5 Donuts

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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