Homerpalooza: Five Year Anniversary + 1 day? + A new patch?

A new quest was added for the 1 year and 1 day anniversary since the re-release of the game on August 16, 2017. Join us right after the jump for more info on this small patch.
Store update: The store has updated as Wickerman Bundle (Wickerman, Small Pagan Tent x2, Large Pagan Tent x2, Carnival Banner 1 x2, Carnival Banner 2 x2, Brazier x2) is here while Classified Records with L.T. Smash has landed too!

The quest is called Five Year Anniversary and it’s just a System Message:

Happy anniversary Tappers! It’s been 5 years and a day since Homer destroyed Springfield and you destroyed your lives helping him rebuild it. Keep at it!

The message gives you 5 donuts and that’s it.

Also in this patch, a text was changed:

Flaming Moe’s’ description was changed from “A new appearance for Moe’s Tavern.” to “From Season 3, Episode 10 “Flaming Moe’s”.

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


8 thoughts on “Homerpalooza: Five Year Anniversary + 1 day? + A new patch?

  1. ☕Burnin-Seed☕ 08/18/2017 — 12:59

    I didn’t see the message, the donuts, or the Wickerman Bundle. Help!


    1. My game downloaded the patch but I haven’t received any of the above either.


    2. ☕Burnin-Seed☕ 08/19/2017 — 00:12

      D’oh! Just realized! I ALREADY HAVE the Wickerman Stuff!


  2. James Necessary 08/18/2017 — 10:49

    I cannot confirm this, but it seemed like I was awarded some free donuts with this patch, like as many as 5 donuts more than the amount of donuts that I remember having before I received this patch. I’m not sure, though, since there was no message saying that I had been awarded any donuts, but I hadn’t done anything (to earn donuts) prior to receiving the patch to explain why I seem to have a few more donuts than I remember having before the patch.


  3. I expected something for the 5 year anniversary. Not even anything free, just a decoration in the store or something like that. A little disappointed that EA didn’t do anything for that except a system message. :/


      1. James Necessary 08/18/2017 — 09:08

        Then why doesn’t it tell us that we are being awarded donuts?


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