Homerpalooza: Store update!

The store has updated as the Praiseland Promotion (Rachel Jordan, Praiseland Wall x15, Solomon’s Temple, Rockin’ Ark, Forbidden Tree, Trees x4, Shrubs x8, Flowers x2) is here, while Praiseland Statue, Walk of Fame Star and Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons have returned, while the last 24 hours for Wickerman Bundle (Wickerman, Small Pagan Tent x2, Large Pagan Tent x2, Carnival Banner 1 x2, Carnival Banner 2 x2, Brazier x2) are here!


3 thoughts on “Homerpalooza: Store update!

  1. Windsongbard 08/23/2017 — 17:34

    Actually you get 1% from the Praiseland Gate and 1% from the Forbidden Tree. So you actually get 2% from the bundle. The buildings also generate ticket stubs if you care about event currency. The Rockin’ Ark generates 8 stubs every 4 hours, which is the same as the flaming Moe’s skin if you bought that, and Solomon’s Temple gives 16 every 8 hours. So you get a 2% bonus, 2 buildings, a Gate that can build Praiseland Walls, and a character. Looking at that it might actually be decent for one of Gil’s Deals.


  2. Do anything in Praiseland come with a bonus?


    1. Praiseland gate 1%


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