Homerpalooza: Store update!

The store has updated as Opera Krusty and Outdoor Opera Ticket Booth have returned!


4 thoughts on “Homerpalooza: Store update!

  1. There are also Outdoor Opera Seats available. I bought two of them to restructure my Opera House.
    Will Opera Krusty perform in this event?


    1. Is there any bonus available for the seats or ticket booth? I want to get them but they are pricey to just be decoration. I assume they don’t come with a bonus.


      1. Oh, I actually just noticed that I already have the seats/ticket booth. I was going to buy them to put around my Open Air Stage. The game has given so much content that I can’t keep track of it all.


      2. If you’re not vain enough, go for it 🙂
        Both items only add to your Vanity.


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