Homerpalooza Premium Walkthrough: Praiseland Promotion

Gil is back in town to offer us some more Praiseland love. Join us right after the jump for the Praiseland Promotion walkthrough!

Praiseland Promotion

Gil: Hey pal, I hear you like second-tier music festivals!
Gil: Ol’ Gil is selling a Christian theme park called Praiseland, complete with Christian-Rock headliner Rachel Jordan.
Gil: Now, I couldn’t sell a single ticket to Praiseland, but I’m a known terrible salesman.
Gil: Can I sell it to you?

On offer accepted:
Gil: Gee thanks! I guess the big man upstairs was looking out for me after all.
Gil: And by that I mean the tattooed fella at the shelter in the bunk above mine.
Gil: He said I’d be getting what’s coming to me today. I can’t wait to head back and tell him!

On offer denied:
Gil: That puts Ol’ Gil in a really tough spot. My free first month at the storage lot is almost up.
Gil: Looks like I’m gonna have to burn Joan of Arc at the stake again for warmth tonight?

Praisin’ Liaison Pt. 1

Ned starts

Ned: Why, it’s Rachel Jordan, the Christian songbird. The rapture is upon us!
Rod: Yay!
Ned: Sorry, son, it’s not really here. I’ve committed the sin of using a metaphor.
Rachel Jordan: Poor Rod and Todd. They must be so disappointed the world isn’t going to end and everybody but them die.
Rachel Jordan: I know what always cheers me up when I’m sad: biblical apocrypha!

Task: Make Rachel Jordan Read the Bible at Flanders House
Time: 8h
Location: Flanders House

Ned: Nothing like Maccabees 2 to put a smile on everyone’s faces.

Praisin’ Liaison Pt. 2

Rachel Jordan starts

Rachel Jordan: Ned, I need some backup singers for my band, and you have a lovely voice.
Ned: I can hold a melody. Although I won’t harmonize unless I get a dispensation from Rev. Lovejoy.
Rachel Jordan: Perfect. And there’s one thing you do even better than sing.
Rachel Jordan: Help me fix my hair.

Task: Make Rachel Jordan Do Her Hair
Time: 1h

Rachel Jordan: I’ve got my hair and my tenor.
Rachel Jordan: Now all I need is a bass backup singer.
Moe: Is that bass or base? Either way, I’m a very bass man.

Praisin’ Liaison Pt. 3

Rachel Jordan starts

Rachel Jordan: Okay, Ned and Moe, let’s try a song.
Moe: Whoa, you never said nuthin’ about me bluebirding with Preachy Joe here.
Ned: And I’m not sure I can stay in tune next to a tavern keeper.
Rachel Jordan: Looks like I need to sing an inspirational song to bring you two together.
Moe: Just FYI, threatening me with a shotgun also works, but we’ll try your way.

Task: Make Rachel Jordan Sing Gospel to Moe and Ned
Time: 4h
Location: Flanders House
Requires: Ned

Moe: That was so beautiful. Give me a hug, brother Ned.
Ned: I’m also incredibly moved. Still not enough to hug you.
Moe: That’s fair. More than fair.

Praisin’ Liaison Pt. 4

Rachel Jordan starts

Rachel Jordan: I brought two of Springfield’s most different people together.
Rachel Jordan: I can’t imagine anything more deserving of having an inspirational song written about it.
Rachel Jordan: Except maybe a puppy licking a cat. About which I’ve written many songs.

Task: Make Rachel Jordan Write a Song
Time: 3h
Location: Flanders House

Rachel Jordan: The song is written. Now it’s time to sing it for Springfield.
Moe: You can perform it at my bar.
Rachel Jordan: No, I’d like someone who ISN’T passed out drunk to hear it.
Moe: Really? Guess I’ll never understand artists.

Praisin’ Liaison Pt. 5

Rachel Jordan starts

Rachel Jordan: Presenting a song of reconciliation and love between two utterly different people.
Rachel Jordan: The “Ballad of Ned and Moe’s Eternal Friendship”.
Moe: That’s nice. Except why does “Ned” come before “Moe”? Why not “Moe and Ned’s Eternal Friendship”?
Ned: “Ned and Moe’s Eternal Friendship” is much better.
Moe: I’ll kill you, you self-promoting scum!

Task: Make Rachel Jordan Sing Her Song
Time: 3h
Location: Flanders House

Rachel Jordan: Moe, Ned, from now on I perform solo.
Moe: Too bad. I just learned my part.

Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP

Building Walls For God

Auto starts

Ned: With Praiseland back in town, I can finally work on some expansions I’ve been thinking about. The Parted Sea Wave Pool, the Hall of Animatronic Judases, the Twelve Plagues Tiki Room…
Ned: But first I need to build some walls, to keep the faith in and the Episcopalians out.
Ned: Even Joshua won’t be able to blow these walls down.
Ned: Oops, that’s the sin of pride. After I build the wall, I’m going to spend two hours in the Temple of Scourging.

Task: Build a Wall at Praiseland Gate

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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