Homerpalooza: Last 24 hours of Act 2!

The last 24 hours for Act 2, New Bedlam Rest Home w/Leon Kompowsky, Snub Club, Praiseland Promotion (Rachel Jordan, Praiseland Wall x15, Solomon’s Temple, Rockin’ Ark, Forbidden Tree, Trees x4, Shrubs x8, Flowers x2), Walk of Fame Star and Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons are here!


4 thoughts on “Homerpalooza: Last 24 hours of Act 2!

  1. James Necessary 08/29/2017 — 08:17

    I have question about the game that is unrelated to this event. Is the Tetanus Terminal monorail station suppose to be a unique building? I just finished getting all of the Rail Yard prizes for last week, and I was suppose to get the Mall-O-Rail Station, but, instead, it gives me a second Tetanus Terminal. What happened, and why?


    1. it is suppose to be unique. contact EA. report it as a technical issue or never received content. do not call it a bug or glitch


  2. Do you think the Gil Praiseland deal and Maude statue will be making a return to the store at the end of the event?


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