Homerpalooza: Act 3 has started!

Act 3 has started, with the arrival of Alcatraaaz’s Mansion w/Alcatraaaz, Blasting Bass, Jay G Bundle (Jay G’s Mansion w/Jay G and Goosius and Jay G’s Pool), while the last 24 hours for Opera Krusty and Outdoor Opera Ticket Booth are here!


5 thoughts on “Homerpalooza: Act 3 has started!

  1. Greg Guevarra 08/29/2017 — 14:53

    Does anyone know why Weird Al’s prize track didn’t activate?


    1. Build the hiphop stage and it starts


  2. I don’t have Goosius and Jay’s Pool in my store. Does Jay have to do some of his tasks first?


    1. it will not be in the store if you already have it.


      1. You right, I just stumbled upon Goosius.


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