Homerpalooza: Act 3 Walkthrough

Its the last stretch of this summer musical event, join us right after the jump for its walkthrough!

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 1

Auto starts

Lisa: Dad, you’ve made Springfield a music mecca for rock and pop. It’s time for the jazz festival to explode into town.
Lisa: Right? Explode?
Bart: Sorry, Lis. We want to let the beat drop with hip to the hop.
Homer: The young rapper is right. After all, it is America’s only homegrown music.
Lisa: So is jazz! Plus blues, bluegrass, Motown…
Homer: Fine, we’ll do all of them before jazz too.

Build the Hip Hop Stage
Quest rewards: 25 Event Currency and 10 XP

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 2

Homer starts

Homer: Okay, now that we have the Hip Hop Stage let’s showcase some of our towns great rappers…
Bart: Like Alcatraaaz and M.C. Safety and the Caution Crew…
Milhouse: They’re out of the biz. I heard Alcatraaaz became a certified financial planner.
Krusty: Then it sounds like you need a clown!
Krusty: If that “Nutso Clown Horde” or whatever they’re called can rap, so can a Jewish heart-attack survivor!

Task: Make Krusty Jam on the Hip Hop Stage

Krusty: Well, I can’t exactly rap.
Krusty: But I have been to jail for trying to run someone over with my car. So, ballpark.

Quest rewards: 25 Event Currency and 10 XP

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 3

Homer starts

Homer: That was a disaster! And, like any entertainment manager, I sought help at the first sign of trouble.
Jay G: This disaster is an outrage to hip hop. You and your stage are now managed by Golden Goose Records.
Jay G: I better see some serious flow on this stage pronto, or I will release Goosius to incentivize you.
Homer: Bart, if you don’t want to see your father brutally humiliated by a goose, you’ll get up there and rap.
Bart: Any way I can do both?
Jay G: I’m open to a deal.

Unlock Rappin’ Bart
Quest rewards: 25 Event Currency and 10 XP

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 4

Milhouse starts

Milhouse: Can I be part of your crew, Bart? I’m totally committed to the rapper lifestyle.
Milhouse: I even had Otto tattoo “Thug Life” on my back. Super painful but worth it.
Bart: It reads “Huge Lift”.
Milhouse: Damn it! I should’ve known Otto was in no shape for careful work.
Milhouse: He was just about to drive the school bus.

Task: Make Bart Practice a Show
Time: 4h
Location: Bart’s Tree House
Quest rewards: 25 Event Currency and 10 XP

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 5

Milhouse starts

Jay G: Alright B-Money, it’s time for you to blow the sneakers off Springfield with your dope flow.
Milhouse: Only a genius producer would think to invest all his money in a ten-year-old white kid.
Jay G: Oops. Yeah. Good lesson: do not make important financial decisions after trying Otto’s special blend.

Task: Make Bart Jam on the Hip Hop Stage

Jay G: Bart! Nice job, little hero. You want a golden white tiger for your bedroom?
Marge: No he does not!
Jay G: Marge, you got swag. I like that. You want to go shopping for four diamond rings that when you put them together read “Bitch”?
Marge: Well, I’ve got half an hour until Maggie gets out of preschool. Sure!

Quest rewards: 25 Event Currency and 10 XP

Straight Outta Dumbton Pt. 6

Lisa starts

Lisa: Dad, we actually pulled it off. We built a music festival to rival Hullabalooza!
Lisa: Fans come here from all over to see great performances. Finally, it’s time for Act 4: The Jazz Festival.
Bart: Sorry, Lis, they cut it down to three Acts to make room for Halloween.
Lisa: Dammit!
Homer: No kidding. Now we have to figure out what to do with all these stages.

Task: Reach Level 20 and Build Town Hall
Task: Make Springfielders Propose Festival Ground Ideas [x5]
Time: 8h
Location: Town Hall

Quimby: No one actually proposed anything. Why did you all come here?
Marge: I just came to get away from the smelly festival-goers. They’ve been camping out in the park and I don’t think they showered the entire time!
Bart: No, they took baths in Springfield Lake. Which made them smell worse.
Quimby: Well, if no one has any ideas, we’ll treat this problem like a workplace harassment suit: ignore it until it goes away.
System Message: You have completed the event story! Keep tapping Fans and jamming to expand your Festival!

Quest rewards: 50 Event Currency and 20 XP

More Hip Hop

Auto starts

Task: Collect Blings [x15000]

Quest reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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