Homerpalooza: Act 3 Prizes Walkthrough Part 2

Cletus is joined by Jay G in his new job and his new truck. Join us right after the jump for the second part of the act 3 prizes walkthrough!

As a note, Manager Cletus’ jobs pays out premium!

Dollar, Dollar, Hills Y’all Pt. 1

Cletus starts

Cletus: Hey Brandine! Look what I found while I was spring cleaning! That is, cleaning up all the old car springs we have in the back yard.
Brandine: That’s your fancy jacket from when you were MIS-managing the kids’ band an’ wasting all their money!
Brandine: That’s why I buried it under the car springs.
Cletus: My truck keys were in the pocket! I’m getting it off its concrete blocks and taking it for a spin.

Task: Make Manager Cletus Go for a Spin
Time: 1h
Location: Cletus’ Monster Truck

Dollar, Dollar, Hills Y’all Pt. 2

Cletus starts

Manager Cletus: I love wearing my fancy music manager jacket. I’m gonna take up managin’ again.
Manager Cletus: I just need an act better than the Spuckler Family Kids.
Manager Cletus: Which means any act.

Task: Make Manager Cletus Scout for Talent
Time: 8h
Location: Shop

Manager Cletus: Hey, twins. Freaks always get attention. You two got any musical talent?
Selma: We can cough out Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony.
Patty: But you gotta keep us in a lotta cigarettes.

Dollar, Dollar, Hills Y’all Pt. 3

Cletus starts

Manager Cletus: Despite my fancy jacket, I cain’t seem to find a client to represent.
Manager Cletus: And I have so much to give. Like possum gizzards and a kind of psoriasis found only in Appalachia.
Manager Cletus: Guess I better visit my hillbilly therapist.

Task: Make Manager Cletus Drink His Moonshine
Time: 6h
Location: Cletus’s Farm

Manager Cletus: Well, manager coat, I do feel better after visiting my shrink.
Manager Cletus: I call moonshine my shrink because it makes my intestines shrivel up.

Dollar, Dollar, Hills Y’all Pt. 4

Cletus starts

Jay G: Wow, Mr. Spuckler, that coat is killer.
Jay G: And your moonshine is intense! How would you like to have a partner in the booze biz?
Manager Cletus: I dunno. You don’t seem much like a hillbilly.
Jay G: I own a goose.
Manager Cletus: Write us up a partnership agreement and let’s start marking “X”s!

Task: Make Manager Cletus Sign an X
Time: 1h
Location: Cletus’s Farm
If the user has Jay G: Task: Make Jay G Climb a Rung of Ruthlessness
Time: 1h
Location: Jay G’s Mansion

Jay G: Congratulations, Cletus. Your moonshine business has a new silent partner.
Goosius: *honk*
Jay G: And a not so silent one.

Dollar, Dollar, Hills Y’all Pt. 5

Cletus starts

Manager Cletus: Alright, I gots a new batch of moonshine ready.
Jay G: You’re the brand manager. Get out and find a celebrity spokesman to endorse it.
Manager Cletus: I got a goat what’s kinda notorious around the county.
Jay G: Hm. What’s the next step up from a goat?
Jay G: Got it. A clown.

Task: Make Manager Cletus Manage a Brand
Time: 4h

Jay G: Excellent job, Cletus. Your moonshine will be huge. I’m taking this partnership to the next level.
Manager Cletus: The roof of the hay loft!?
Jay G: Nope. Freezing you out of the business.

Dollar, Dollar, Hills Y’all Pt. 6

Cletus starts

Manager Cletus: Brandine! Jay G done took over my moonshine business.
Manager Cletus: Turns out I signed over all rights to him. And signed a non-compete clause.
Brandine: Did you sign a non-feudin’ clause?
Manager Cletus: Nope.
Brandine: Then grease up yer squirrel gun.

Task: Make Manager Cletus Prepare a Hostile Takeover
Time: 4h
If the user has Jay G: Task: Make Jay G Move up Another Rung
Time: 4h
Location: Jay G’sMansion

Manager Cletus: Jay G says it’s illegal for me to make my own moonshine.
Manager Cletus: But them dang revenooers said the same thing, and that didn’t stop me.
Krusty: And as long as your moonshine only make me go blind temporarily, you’ll always have a customer in me.
Manager Cletus: It’s a wonderful life.

Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


4 thoughts on “Homerpalooza: Act 3 Prizes Walkthrough Part 2

  1. I forgot about checking the inventory for the skin I knew it was a skin for him but thanks I got it now I feel so dumb over this lol


  2. I got the Cletus monster truck but not the skin for him I got him 2 days ago is there a glitch with this character?


    1. Check inventory. Its a skin for cletus not a character


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