Where Did They Come From? Homerpalooza Edition

Have you wondered where all of the items from this event come from? The characters, the buildings, the decorations? Right after the jump we’ve the complete list of all the items in the Homerpalooza event, and where did they come from!

Click on the name of an episode to view its page on WikiSimpsons.

 Weird Al Yankovic  Three Gays of the Condo
That ’90s Show
The Food Wife (mentioned)
The Man in the Blue Flannel Pants (picture)
White Christmas Blues (picture)
 Nick Delacourt
Peter D’Abbruzio
Freddy Freeman
Shredder Stevens
Rock Stage
Sungazer Studio
Guitar Central
 Alaska Nebraska Waverly Hills 9-0-2-1-D’oh
Stealing First Base (poster)
Beware My Cheating Bart (seen on TV)
 Spotlight Dance Bot Lisa Goes Gaga
 L.T. Smash New Kids on the Blecch
The Simpsons Movie
The Fool Monty
Homer Goes to Prep School
Friend with Benefit
Leon Kompowsky Stark Raving Dad
Homer’s Barbershop Quartet (flashback cameo)
Behind the Laughter (character image)
Sweets and Sour Marge
Them, Robot (couch gag)
Walking Big & Tall (mentioned)
My Fare Lady (opening sequence)
Every Man’s Dream
Mr. Lisa’s Opus
 Alcatraaaz Pranksta Rap
Milhouse of Sand and Fog
The Great Phatsby: Part One
Looking for Mr. Goodbart
(couch gag, archive image)
Bleeding Gums Murphy Recurring
Rachel Jordan Alone Again, Natura-Diddily
I’m Goin’ to Praiseland
D’oh-in’ in the Wind
The Day the Earth Stood Cool
Copyright Lawyer The Old Man and the Lisa
 Rockstar Maggie
Springfield Hyperstadium
Holidays of Future Passed
 Street Cleaner Bart Sells His Soul
 Jay G
Jay G’s Mansion
Jay G’s Pool
The Great Phatsby: Part One
The Great Phatsby: Part Two
 Rappin’ Bart
Alcatraaz’s Mansion
Cheering Crowd
Rude Crowd
Pranksta Rap
 Manager Cletus
Cletus’ Monster Truck
Yokel Chords
 Rockin’ Otto The Otto Show
Opera Krusty
Outdoor Opera Seats
Outdoor Opera Ticket Booth
The Italian Bob
 Captain Bob Cape Feare
 Saxophone Lisa Treehouse of Horror XXII
(Opening and Closing scene)
 All Sales Vinyl Pay Pal
Jazzy Goodtime’s Jazzy and the Pussycats
Snub Club Homerazzi
 Quitters Co-Dependent’s Day
 Gold Records on Walls Studio The Great Phatsby: Part Two
 Classified Records New Kids on the Blecch
New Bedlam Rest Home Stark Raving Dad
Treehouse of Horror IV – “Terror at 5½ Feet”
(Ambulance is seen)
Mother Simpson (straightjacket is seen)
The Cartridge Family (mentioned)
Hungry, Hungry Homer (referenced)
Don’t Fear the Roofer
The Jazz Hole Moaning Lisa
Lisa the Simpson
To Surveil With Love (Cameo)
Thursdays with Abie
Hardly Kirk-ing (mentioned)
Whiskey Business
Looking for Mr. Goodbart (written on
Bleeding Gums Murphy’s tombstone)
Solomon’s Temple
Rockin’ Ark
Praiseland Gate
Praiseland Wall
Praiseland Statue
I’m Goin’ to Praiseland
Forbidden Tree Simpsons Bible Stories – “Homer & Marge”
Oedipus Rx Every Man’s Dream
Duff Center Arena The Book Job
Homer Goes to Prep School
The Girl Code
 Woodstock Casino $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop
Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)
 Springfield Bowl  The Springfield Connection
Saddlesore Galactica
A Star Is Born Again
Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus
Flaming Moe’s Flaming Moe’s
Pig Balloon
Duff Fence
Buzz Cola Fence
 Rock Camp Thread Shed
Rock Neon Sign
Rock ‘N Roll Cart
Rock Camp Entrance
How I Spent My Strummer Vacation
 Stage Turret
Concert Lights
New Kids on the Blecch
 Floor Speaker Homer’s Barbershop Quartet
Speaker Stack
Garbage Truck
Trash of the Titans
Blasting Wall
Black Leather Plane
The Great Phatsby: Part One
 Devil Donut Cart The Day the Earth Stood Cool
 American Flag Recurring
 Walk of Fame Star Behind the Laughter
Angry Dad: The Movie
 Wavy-arm Elder God
Elder Blimp
Treehouse of Horror XXIV
(opening sequence as Cthulhu)
 Camping Tent The Fat and the Furriest
 7200 Ounce Squishee 22 for 30
 Welcome Bob Sign Brother from Another Series
Duff Party Bus The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson
A Tree Grows in Springfield
Taste of Duff Beer Truck MyPods and Boomsticks
Duff-Barney Blimp  A Tree Grows in Springfield
 Wickerman  Blazed and Confused
 Small Pagan Tent
Large Pagan Tent
 The Nightmare After Krustmas
 Tailgate Any Given Sundance
The Simpsons: Tapped Out exclusives:
Kwik-E-Merch, Pop Stage, Hip-Hop Stage, Festival Fence, Pop Star Plane, Skylight,
Laser Light, Smoke Machine, Duff Tent, Buzz Cola Tent, Bling Cup, Garbage Pile,
Recycling Bin, White Spotlight, Multi-colored Spotlight, Cycling Spotlight,
Garbage Can, Green Bin, Zenith City Bin, Inflatable Gorilla and Baboons,
Stack of Beer, Taste of Duff Beer Truck, Carnival Banner 1, Carnival Banner 2, Cuffs,
Sunglasses, Festival Ticket, Concert Mystery Box, Legal Credentials

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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