County Fair: All Event Items and Prices

The County Fair has started, and you don’t want to miss all the new and returning stuff in this event. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all the new and returning items of the event!

Red characters are playable, Blue are NPCs.

The three little spucklers give out a small ammount of $ when tapped every few hours.

The Paralyzer destroys buildings like Police Tank, plus adds Springfield Elementary to both.

image name cost
Premium Characters
Attendee Bundle
Attendee Bundle
Attendee Bundle
Copyright Lawyer
Attendee Bundle
Amber Dempsey
Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn
Mary Spuckler
Springfield Opry House
Premium Returning Characters

Brandine’s “Birth Another Spuckler”

Brandine’s “Birth Another Spuckler”
Brandine’s “Birth Another Spuckler”
Luke Stetson
Hootenanny Barn
Prize Character Skin
Little Miss Springfield
Pride and Pageantry Pt. 2
Premium Returning Skins

Tuxedo Krusty
Bare Chested Willie
Prize Buildings
Fair Pavillon Pride and Pageantry Pt. 1
Cheddarbarrel Farm Pride and Pageantry Pt. 5
Premium Buildings
  Turn Your Head and Coif 60
  Ye Olde Off-Ramp Inn
(Amber Dempsey)
  Springfield Opry House
(Mary Spuckler)
Premium Returning Buildings
  Old Simpson Farm 40
  Springfield Farmers Market 70
  Sneed’s Feed & Seed 90
Hootenanny Barn
(Luke Stetson)
Rewards 6
every 4 hours
  Corn Field 2.000 at
Cheddarbarrel Farm
  Wheat Field 2.000 at
Cheddarbarrel Farm
  Plowed Field 2.000 at
Cheddarbarrel Farm
Prize Decorations
  The World’s Biggest Ribbon Pride and Pageantry Pt. 3
County Fair Sign Pride and Pageantry Pt. 3
Premium Decorations
Cheddarbarrel Combine 45
  The Paralyzer 50
Returning Premium Decoration
  Willie’s Tractor 35
Premium Bundle
  Attendee Bundle 50
Permanent Item’s Rebate
Sleep-Eazy Motel
w/Miss Springfield
Rebate: 50

Bundle content:

Attendee Bundle: Millenial, Hipster, Groupie and Copyright Lawyer

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “County Fair: All Event Items and Prices

  1. TheRealTiminator 09/15/2017 — 09:40

    Any idea what happened to Tuxedo Krusty’s 12Hr & 24Hr tasks?
    It can’t be a coincidence that they re-released him as a character with the update when this happened.
    I already had him in my town and no new quests opened up after the update but both these jobs disappeared off his task list.
    I would be interested to know if anybody buys him this time round, whether those tasks open up for you & how.
    Hopefully you guys will have the answer, many thanks.


    1. its a glitch with the reintroduction of old events, it’ll probably be back to normal soon when they find out


  2. Thanks for this update! Very informative!
    jhillsoto aka “TrueN2Dpoint”


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