County Fair starts now!

The County Fair has just started. New prizes, new premium items and much more awaits you including some returning items and a new permanent item’s rebate. The mini-event requires Level 20 to start.

Attendee Bundle ends on September 19th.
The event ends on September 26th.
The Lenny’s (3 free donuts to commemorate the show’s Emmy Nominations) starts tomorrow and ends on September 18th.
The Classic Mini Events (that we talked about in the changes post) starts September 28th and ends October 2nd.
Join us later for all the details you’ll need!


3 thoughts on “County Fair starts now!

  1. Is Millenial, Hipster, Groupie and Copyright Lawyer do they earn money? Thank you for your time and all your work you do for us. 🙂


  2. The Vault changed with the take down update, and now with the beginning of the event again. It’s the third new vault this week.


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