County Fair and Homerpalooza Takedown Premium Walkthrough: Mary Spuckler, Dangerous Combination and Final Tour

Another Spuckler joins the town, as Mery Spuckler has arrived with the last bunch of premium items. Join us right after the jump for the second part of the premium walkthrough.

Making Ends Meat Pt. 1

Mary Spuckler starts

Mary Spuckler: Come one, come all, the Springfield Opry House is now open for business!
Bart: Mary, you’re back in town! How did you get a job working here?
Mary Spuckler: Not workin’ — ownin’! I inherited it from my late husband, God rest his soul patch.
Mary Spuckler: And don’t let the name fool ya, Oprah don’t live nowhere close to this Opry House.

Task: Make Mary Spuckler Manage Opening Night
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Opry House
Task: Make Cletus Go to Opening Night
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Opry House
Task: Make Springfielders Go to Opening Night [x5]
Time: 4h
Location: Springfield Opry House

On job start:
Mary Spuckler: That’ll be five dollars, Pa.
Cletus: Whoa, what is this, the Springfield Opry MANSION? We ain’t gots that kind of money!
Mary Spuckler: Well, dang. I suppose I could take one of yer chickens you’re holdin’ as payment instead. Why you brought a chicken to a concert anyway?
Cletus: If the band is bad I like to pelt ‘em with fresh eggs instead of rotten. I ain’t a monster.

Making Ends Meat Pt. 2

Mary Spuckler starts

Mary Spuckler: Opening night was a roarin’ success! There were more cousins here than the last Spuckler wedding, when my sister married David Rosenstein.
Mary Spuckler: They’re not ALL Spuckler-Spuckler weddings.
Bart: How much did you rake in?
Mary Spuckler: Let’s see… a brood of chickens, a kine of cows, a skulk of foxes…
Bart: How about a wad of cash?
Mary Spuckler: I couldn’t rightly charge my kin!
Bart: How do you plan to keep the lights on?
Mary Spuckler: Maybe I can pay the electric man with a murder of–
Bart: –crows?
Mary Spuckler: Right, a murder of “crows”.

Task: Make Mary Spuckler Cancel Her Hit on the Electric Man
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Opry House
Task: Make Mary Spuckler Figure Out How to Make Ends Meet
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Opry House

Making Ends Meat Pt. 3

Mary Spuckler starts

Mary Spuckler: I tried everything — downsizin’, refinancin’, even cookin’ the books.
Bart: They must’ve tasted terrible.
Mary Spuckler: No, Bart, they tasted okay, but I couldn’t bring myself to falsify my finances after I finished eating.
Mary Spuckler: I’m sure in need of rescue. Wait, that’s it! And to think it’s been staring me in the face this whole time!
Goat: *blank stare*

Task: Make Mary Spuckler Serenade Wildlife
Time: 1h

Mary Spuckler: I got a pocket full of debt and a sack full of critters.
Mary Spuckler: Now I’ll tell rich folks they’s “rescue animals” and guilt them into buyin’ ‘em from me!

Making Ends Meat Pt. 4

Mary Spuckler starts

Mary Spuckler: Excuse me, Dr. Hibbert, would you like to buy this goat from me?
Dr. Hibbert: *chuckles* Now what would I want with a goat?
Mary Spuckler: Yeah, I guess you’re right. He is a pretty worthless animal…
Mary Spuckler: Sorry, Mr. Goat, guess it’s off to the glue factory for you.
Goat: *blank stare*
Mary Spuckler: Today’s not your day to be… rescued.
Dr. Hibbert: Wait a minute, this is a rescue animal?! Why didn’t you say so! I can use it to rub in my friends’ faces! How much do you want for him?

Task: Make Mary Spuckler Pay Some Bills
Time: 8h
Location: Shops

Mary Spuckler: Boy, people around this town sure like to rescue animals.
Mary Spuckler: Too bad my Pa ain’t a donkey, he’d be rollin’ in the dough instead of livin’ in squalor.
Mary Spuckler: Now let’s see if all this money I made can’t lure Oprah to move into my Opry House after all…

Quest rewards: $200 and 20 XP

Dangerous Combination

Auto starts

Martin: Oh! My trusty harvesting friend has arrived.
Martin: But this time I will hide the keys so Bart does not destroy the countryside with it.
Bart: About that… I may have already driven through the Springfield Scarecrow Exhibit.

Final Tour

Auto starts

Groupie: So, does anyone remember where we parked the van?
Hipster: As the most dedicated fans, I was assuming we would be the last to leave so it would be the last vehicle in the lot.
Millenial: I thought we took a –
Copyright Lawyer: *clears throat*
Millenial: “Smart device ride-share service.”
Copyright Lawyer: Phrase approved.

Task: Tap the Millennial
Task: Tap the Hipster
Task: Tap the Groupie
Task: Tap the Copyright Lawyer

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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