Classic Mini Events starts and the Monorail Promo is here too!

Classic Mini Events has started. Login now to redo old mini-events you might have missed! Now available too is the Monorail Promo, releasing the new Magic Station, as well as having some of the Monorail items coming back too!


29 thoughts on “Classic Mini Events starts and the Monorail Promo is here too!

  1. So since EA have decided, this time around, that long term players cannot now even purchase any items from the store that they originally passed on during the mini events, they are not getting the benefit of my itunes birthday spend. I was fully intending on buying Shelbyville & 1 decoration but I’m so miffed that I’ve tucked it away. I’ll probably spend it on DMK’s next event. Kindness is reciprocal EA. I’m happy to spend real cash but not if I’m discounted/overlooked as a player from the beginning of the game. We’ve always all been included, so why not now? Be inclusive EA. Us old timers, will likely still be playing until the game closes. My new neighbours constantly drop off. Rant over back to tapping😂……💜X


  2. Do people get more then one mini event at a time because I only have deep space active and I never did any others


      • Am I correct that this is the full list of classic mini games?

        Deep Space, Chiliad, Crook and Ladder, Heretic, Rommelwood, and Pin Pals (saw this one reported elsewhere as popping up in games today)

        Also, another of your posts said these were “activable” until October 2nd. Does that mean as long as you start your last missing mini game before 10/2 you’ll have a few more days to complete it (seemingly Saturday since that’s when it appears the premium sale ends on mini game items)? Or do you have to collect all mini game prizes by October 2nd?

        Thank you!


  3. Rather then have to deal with adding the Magic Station to my main Monorail, which would most likely mean a complete redesign, I’ve decided to add it to my Christmas Section where I have that Christmas themed Station. I was already planning on redoing my Monorail in my Christmas section once the Christmas Event begin’s in December and this is something I can add on.

    For those who haven’t seen my town, I have 3 separate Monorail’s set up. I have my main one. I’ve got one in Springfield Height’s. And as I said above I’ve got one in my Christmas Section.

    None of them are connected to the other.


  4. Seems like the railyard prize track does not reset until next Tuesday with the doubled payout so you can apparently do it over and over again, each time earning 5 donuts. Woohoo!


    • I’m not following. The double payout seems useless to me because my prize track didn’t reset. I have the standard “you’ve unlocked this week’s prizes! Way to go!” message. I already got my weekly 5 donuts before the double payout started.


    • I had already finished the railyard for this week before the update came, and now I can’t earn any more! It’s greyed out like usual when you’re done. Is there anything i can do? I think it’s unfair that fast players get punished 😦


      • I’m in the same boat as I had efficiently finished my weekly recycling before the update hit and the railyard still says that I completed the week and won’t allow me to do anymore. It really sucks as I could easily be getting 5 donuts a day!


        • Ah man, that sucks. I’ve stopped doing the weekly grind some months ago, limiting myself to farming 20 KEMs four times a day, earning about three donuts a day, and saving up my money to turn on XP Collider upon reaching 150M$ to spend them on Rat Trap Trucks. Along with the Maggie donuts and the occasional Daily Challengs one, I’m basically too lazy to do the Rail Yard anymore (at the regular payout).

          Have you thried reaching out to EA to see whether they’re working on a fix? This certainly looks like a huge oversight.


          • Yes, it sucks. i had my tasks completed before the update hit, but my son is now on his 4th round of collecting 5-free donuts this week…


  5. I have just bought the Krusty Station, but when it was originally released there were parts of the station to expand it. Do you know if these parts will be available this time?


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