The Treehouse of Horror XXVIII Event is Live!

The next event in the Treehouse of Horror series is LIVE! Download it now on your phone and play! Join us later for more info on this event!

It’s the witching hour (not to be confused with happy hour), and mystifying magic and mayhem have come to Springfield! Whether you’re a witch, wizard, or whatever a warlock is, the town needs your help to fight against an evil sorcerer and his horde of magical beasts!
Use your wand finger to create your own Magic Academy and guide your townsfolk through their studies of the arcane as you strive to save Springfield from dark magic in our annual Treehouse of Horror update!


12 thoughts on “The Treehouse of Horror XXVIII Event is Live!

  1. Still no Halloween update


  2. not work on bluestacks. uppdate stop in 7/7


    1. bluestacks is not supported due to it being an emulator


  3. Not working for me yet 😦


  4. I just got the update on my iPad at 5:40 pm central USA time but cannot complete the quest like others who have the update.


    1. At least some of you folks got an update !!! 😬☹️😩


  5. I’m unable to play rn as well unfortunately. plz fix asap. I just read the other post about it being glitched. I am so ready for the ToH event.


  6. No update for apple yet?

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  7. Not live on IOS yet…..

    Liked by 1 person

  8. No Halloween update for Apple yet !!😳

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Just checked my Amazon Appstore. Not there yet.


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