Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: All Event New Items and Prices

Magic is all over Springfield and new creatures and magical humans have happeared in the store. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all the new items of the event!

All characters are playable. Beasts and Trolls have a job at their decoration and will assist later in the event!

image name cost
Kearneymon’s Alley

Bully-vern’s Cave

Lewd’s Bar

Lord Montymort
The Vestige Pt. 3
Prize Characters
Unicorn Wizard
 Act 1 Prize
Crawl’s Bar

Act 2 Prize
Barfy’s Bar

Act 3 Prize
Count Dracula
Act 3 Prize
Premium Characters

Wiggops’ Station

Evil Shopkeeper
Evil Shopkeeper bundles

The Great Raymondo
The Great Raymondo’s Home

Angelica Button
Magic Academy Library
Burns Dragon
Burns Dragon’s Pile of Treasure
Unreleased Characters
Dolph Troll Unreleased
Jimbo Troll Unreleased
Wizard Lisa
Angelica Button and the
Mystical Beasts Pt. 2
Wizard Bart
 Angelica Button and the
Mystical Beasts Pt. 2
Premium Skins
Squeaky Voice Peasant
Stack of 60 Donuts +
Character Bundle
Stack of 60 Donuts +
Skin Bundle
(His jobs payout Goblin Gold)

Sorcerer Frink
Sorcerer Frink Bundle
Charmer’s Market A Bull in a Magic Shop Pt. 2
Magic Academy Angelica Button and the
Mystical Beasts Pt. 2
 Magic Tower  Angelica Button and the
Mystical Beasts Pt. 5
(Activate every 4 hours to
instantly collect from
all Mystical Pests.)
Prize Building
 Ye Olde Magick Shoppe  Act 2 Prize
Premium Buildings
 Elf Hotel 50
 Walking Kwik-E-Mart 55
Department of Magical Vehicles 55
 Magic Palace 65
Black Magic Hall 70
  Mess Hall 75
Fantastical Beastarium 75
The Great
Raymondo’s Home
(The Great Raymondo)
 The GreatRaymondo Bundle
   Magic Academy Library
(Angelica Button)
Prize Building Skin
Lord Montymort’s Lair Act 3 Prize
Kearneymon’s Alley
Angelica Button and
the Mystical Beasts Pt.  4
 Bully-vern’s Cave
Three Heads, No Brain Pt. 1
Magic Academy Ruins Say His Name, Say His Name Pt. 3
Prize Decorations
Lewd’s Bar
Act 1 Prize
 Royal MyPod  Act 1 Prize
 Fairy Fields  Act 1 Prize
Music Automaton  Act 1 Prize
Crawl’s Bar
Act 2 Prize
 Suffoclock of Sandy Doom Act 2 Prize
 Giant Crystal Ball Act 2 Prize
Barfy’s Bar
Act 3 Prize
 Skinner Box Kite Act 3 Prize
Release Beast Decorations
Skull Flag Kearneymon Prize
 Nerd Gold Kearneymon Prize
 Wedgie Skeleton Kearneymon Prize
Release Prize Troll Prize Decorations
 Chaise Lounge  Lewd, Crawl and Barfy Prize.
 Dance Platform  Lewd, Crawl and Barfy Prize.
 Mead Crates  Lewd, Crawl and Barfy Prize.
Release Prize Beast Prize Decorations
Beast Toilet Bully-vern Prize
Old TV Bully-vern Prize
Beast Crib Bully-vern Prize
Craftable Decorations
  Bonsai Beings  150
 Magic Academy Castle Wall  Magic Academy
Castle Walls bundle
 Dormitory Tower  900
   Magic Academy
Castle Gate
 Corridor  1.350
 Magical Essence Sucker  2.160
 Magic Academy Courtyard  3.600
Premium Decorations
 Cat Bus  45
 Wiggops’ Station  65
 Famous Milk Cans  The Great Raymondo Bundle
 Burns Dragon’s
Pile of Treasure
(Burns Dragon)
 Burns Dragon Promo
Release Premium Beast Prize Decorations
Lard Lad Donut Wiggops Prize
Weapon Rack Wiggops Prize
Crushed Car Wiggops Prize
Elephant Statue Burns Dragon Prize
Treasure Chest Burns Dragon Prize
Burns Dragon Statue Burns Dragon Prize
Prize Consumables
 Free Land Token  Act 1 Prize
Act 2 Prize
Act 3 Prize
 500 Goblin Gold
 Act 1 Prize
Act 2 Prize
Act 3 Prize
Premium Consumable
 License to Operate Magic  Act 1: 90
Act 2: 60
Act 3: 30
Magic Scratch-R
Magic Scratch-R
Craftable Bundles
Magic Academy
Castle Walls
Premium Bundles
Stack of 60 Donuts +
Skin Bundle
 Stack of 60 Donuts
Stack of 60 Donuts +
Character Bundle
Stack of 60 Donuts
Evil Shopkeeper &
Talking Krusty Doll
Evil Shopkeeper Bundle  145
Evil Shopkeeper &
House of Evil
 The Great
Raymondo Bundle
Sorcerer Frink Bundle  150
 Burns Dragon Promo 199

Bundles content:

Magic Academy Castle Walls: Magic Academy Castle Wall (x4)

Stack of 60 Donuts + Skin Bundle: 60 Donuts and Squeaky Voice Peasant

Stack of 60 Donuts + Character Bundle: 60 Donuts, Squeaky Voice Teen and Squeaky Voice Peasant

Evil Shopkeeper & Talking Krusty Doll: Evil Shopkeeper and Talking Krusty Doll

Evil Shopkeeper Bundle: House of Evil, Evil Shopkeeper and Talking Krusty Doll

Evil Shopkeeper & House of Evil: House of Evil and Evil Shopkeeper

The Great Raymondo Bundle: The Great Raymondo’s House w/The Great Raymondo and Famous Milk Cans

Sorcerer Frink Bundle: Frink’s Lab w/Professor Frink and Sorcerer Frink

Burns Dragon Promo: Burns Dragon’s Pile of Treasure w/Burns Dragon
Relesae Burns Dragon Prizes: Elephant Statue, Treasure Chest and Burns Dragon Statue

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


23 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: All Event New Items and Prices

  1. Just want to double check.. Bully-vern will be free?


  2. Should we buy the license to operate magic?


    1. it’s an extra boost but i’d buy characters buildings or decorations with that money


      1. What exactly does it do? The last one was horrible. If it’s only saving me time I don’t want it


        1. same as last time. doubles friend visit rewards


          1. Ok thanks. It really doesn’t. It just makes you finish quicker. With the last one, my contest rewards would be over before I got through the “A’s” in my friends list. So you get the same amount (seemed actually like less amount last time) it just goes quicker. I usually make it to my G’s. I have a lot of friends so that’s a pretty huge difference.


            1. Oh when does the Halloween box come? And thanks so much. All your blogs are so extremely helpful and informative.


  3. TheRealTiminator 10/06/2017 — 12:01

    You mention that all characters are playable after the event, that includes Wiggops at 65 donuts but Treestache at 60 donuts is a NPC, is that correct?
    If so then that choice is a no-brainer.
    Thanks as always.
    P.S: Any chance of a list of all the characters able to battle the monsters & when they will unlock please.


    1. those seems to be it. no more. and treestache works like the other beasts/trolls


  4. Will the shop keeper be offered on his own? I have both the krusty doll and the house of evil. Thank you!!


      1. Thanks again. One more question treestache’s description says that he unlocks more decorations, do you know which ones? I did not see him in the list.


        1. he unlocks tree, shrub, maple tree, willow tree and small island 1. nothing really


  5. Jimmy Necessary 10/05/2017 — 20:56

    How much does the Magic Scratch-R cost? That price is something that should be included in this post.


    1. problem is it depends on your currency and i can’t check that


  6. Curious george 10/05/2017 — 20:49

    Are this blog and Wikipedia connected? Or does one copy the other for these posts?


    1. Regarding season 27-29+ episodes and TSTO content I curate WikiSimpsons pages too :p

      Liked by 1 person

  7. So Greystach and Montymort are full characters and not skins for Homer and Burns?


      1. Wow. That’s great! Thanks for the info.


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