Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: All Event Returning Items and Prices

Many items are returning from the previous thalloween events and some are offered in bundles: characters, skins, buildings, decorations, and more. Join us right after the jump for the complete table of all of them!

Red characters are playable, Blue are NPCs. Treestache has a job at Treestache’s Grove and will assist later in the event!

image name cost
Premium Characters

Treestache’s Grove

Magical Mystery Box
Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop
Mutant Rabbit
Magical Mystery Box
 unlock_spacemutant tapped_out_space_mutant_unlocked
Space Mutant
Drive-In Theater
 unlock_blinkymonster blinky-monster-unlock
Blinky Monster
Scary Dock
unlock_spacemarshmallow space-marshmallow-unlock
Space Marshmallow
Meteor Egg
unlock_theraven tapped_out_the_raven_new_character
The Raven
Bad Dream House and
The Raven Bundle
unlock_zombiepet2 tapped_out_clawing_zombie_new_character
Clawing Zombie
Pet Cemetery +
Zombies Bundle
 unlock_zombiepet1 tapped_out_snarling_zombie_new_character
Snarling Zombie
Pet Cemetery +
Zombies Bundle
unlock_gravediggerbilly gravedigger-billy-unlock
Gravedigger Billy
Cemetery Plot
unlock_talkingkrustydoll tapped_out_talking_krusty_doll_new_character
Talking Krusty Doll
Evil Shopkeeper Bundle
Evil Shopkeeper & Talking
Krusty Doll bundle
 unlock_suzannethewitch tapped_out_suzanne_the_witch_new_character
Suzanne the Witch
Gingerbread House
Magic Act Milhouse
Angelica Button and the
Mystical Beasts Pt. 2
Craftable Skin
unlock_ned_werewolfflanders werewolf-flanders-unlock
Werewolf Flanders
Premium Skins
Radioactive Milhouse
Halloween Mystery Box
 unlock_kirk_acorn Acorn Kirk Unlock
Acorn Kirk
Halloween Mystery Box
unlock_luann_squirrel Squirrel Luann Unlock
Squirrel Luann
Halloween Mystery Box
 unlock_ned_devilflanders The-Simpsons-Tapped-Out-Devil-Flanders
Devil Flanders
Halloween Mystery Box

Wizard Martin
Rebate: 25
unlock_mrburns_countburns tapped_out_count_burns_new_character
Count Burns
Burns Coffin

Queen Helvetica
The Castle of Equalia
Craftable Buildings
medievalrichhouse_menu Medieval Rich House 720
 belltower_transimage Bell Tower 2.070
Premium Buildings
Pumpkin House 30
Ghost Zapper  Ghost Zapper  60
battledome_menu  Battle Dome Magical Mystery Box

King Homer’s Skyscraper  Magical Mystery Box
 Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop
Magical Mystery Box
Bob’s Victorian House Magical Mystery Box
  Mad Doctor’s House Magical Mystery Box
  Hellementary School Magical Mystery Box
  House on Scary Hill Magical Mystery Box
Drive-In Theater Drive-In Theater Magical Mystery Box
  Tenta-Corp HQ Magical Mystery Box
Bad Dream House Bad Dream House 85
Bad Dream House and
The Raven Bundle
PetCemetery Pet Cemetery
(Clawing Zombies
and Snarling Zombies)
Pet Cemetery +
Zombies bundle
  Shinning Hotel Shinning Hotel Bundle
  House of Evil Evil Shopkeeper Bundle
Evil Shopkeeper & House
of Evil bundle
 gingerbreadhouse_menu Gingerbread House 140
Rebate: 40
  The Castle of Equalia 175
jackolantern Jack-o-Lantern 135
DeadTree Dead Tree 270
spooky_tree3.png Spooky Tree 325
PumpkinPatch Pumpkin Patch 450
Craftable Decorations
The four bundles’ items can also be bought singuarly if
one chain places them from inventory.
pyre_menu Pyre 270
flyingbats_menu Flying Bats 360
 hangingstreetlamp_menu Hanging Streetlamp 90
Hanging Streetlamps
ironwallse Iron Wall 90
Iron Walls bundle
 gargoylewallse Gargoyle Wall 90
Gargoyle Walls bundle
vampirecaskets_transimage Vampire Casket 720
brambles_menu Spooky Brambles 180
Spooky Brambles bundle
 coveredbridge_menu Covered Bridge 1.800
 darkcarriage_transimage Dark Carriage 2.700
forestcave_transimage Forest Cave 3.150
wolfrock_transimage Wolf Rock 3.150
Premium Decorations
ico_thoh2014_crafting_spookywall Spooky Wall 1
ico_terwilligers_tentacletree_unlock Tentacle Tree 18
Rebate: 8
halloweenpartywall Halloween Party Wall Halloween Party Wall
x 10 bundle
lightupeldergod_transimage Lightup Elder God 20
wavyarmguy_menu Wavy-arm Elder God 20
Ancient Ruins 55
  Treestache’s Grove
  Freakmobile 60
  Victorian UFO 60
Zombie Sandwich
(check below the
table for details)
Magical Mystery Box
  Scary Dock
Magical Mystery Box
gatetonowhere_menu Gate to Nowhere Magical Mystery Box
Meteor Egg
(Space Marshmallow)
Halloween Mystery Box
  Nightmare Willie Halloween Mystery Box
nightmarepile_Neutral_16 Nightmare Pile Halloween Mystery Box
Sepulcher of Evil Sepulcher of Evil Halloween Mystery Box
Cauldron Halloween Mystery Box
(till Patch 4’s release)
ico_thoh2014_crafting_donuttorturedevice-1 Donut Torture Device Halloween Mystery Box
  The Grand Pumpkin Halloween Mystery Box
  The Island of Dr. Hibbert 70
  Cemetery Plot
(Gravedigger Billy)
shinningmaze The Shinning Maze 50
Shinning Hotel Bundle
burnscoffin_menu Burns Coffin
(Count Burns)
Ghost Ship Ghost Pirate Airship 250
Premium Consumables
  Magical Mystery Box
Halloween Mystery Box
Craftable Bundles
Hanging Streetlamps 360
Iron Walls  360
Gargoyle Walls 360
Spooky Brambles  720
Premium Bundles
Halloween Party
Walls x 10
Pet Cemetery + Zombies 90
Shinning Hotel Bundle 110
Evil Shopkeeper &
Talking Krusty Doll
Evil Shopkeeper Bundle 145
Evil Shopkeeper &
House of Evil

Bundles content:

Hanging Streetlamps: Hanging Streetlamp (x4)

Iron Walls: Iron Wall (x4)

Gargoyle Walls: Gargoyle Wall (x4)

Spooky Brambles: Spooky Bramble (x4)

Halloween Party Walls x 10: Halloween Party Wall (x10)

Pet Cemetery + Zombies: Pet Cemetery, Clawing Zombie and Snarling Zombie

Shinning Hotel Bundle: Shinning Hotel and The Shinning Maze

Evil Shopkeeper & Talking Krusty Doll: Evil Shopkeeper and Talking Krusty Doll

Evil Shopkeeper Bundle: House of Evil, Evil Shopkeeper and Talking Krusty Doll

Evil Shopkeeper & House of Evil: House of Evil and Evil Shopkeeper

Mystery Boxes possible content:

Magical Mystery Box: Zombie Sandwich, Battle Dome, Bob’s Victorian House, Mutant Rabbit, King Homer’s Skyscraper, Gypsy Fortune Teller Shop w/Maude, Maude, Mad Doctor’s Castle, Hellementary School, Tenta Corp HQ, Scary Dock w/Blinky Monster, House on Scary Hill, Drive-In Theater w/Space Mutant, Gate to Nowhere

Halloween Mystery Box: Spider Willie, Nightmare Pile, Radioactive Milhouse, Sepulcher of Evil, Squirrel Luann, Acorn Kirk, Cauldron, Donut Torture Device, The Grand Pumpkin, Devil Flanders, Meteor Egg w/Space Marshmallow
Patch 4’s release removed the Cauldron.

Zombie Sandwich details:

The Zombie Sandwich is kinda particular: it has a new 1h premium job for many characters, Sample the Zombie Sandwich: Bart, Mr. Burns, Cletus, Comic Book Guy, Professor Frink, Grampa, Hank Scorpio, Homer, Kearney, Mrs. Krabappel, Krusty, Lisa, Rev. Lovejoy, Luigi, Marge, Martin, Moe, Ned, Nelson, Skinner, Willy, Bumblebee Man, Dr. Hibbert, Apu, Hans Moleman, Milhouse, Otto, Quimby, Snake, Squeaky Voice Teen, Wiggum, Kent Brockman, Duffman, Dr. Nick, turning them into their zombies “skin” from Treehouse of Horror XXIII event (all characters can be transformed at the same time)!


Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


17 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: All Event Returning Items and Prices

  1. I got the cauldron from the halloween mystery box but I didn’t get marge’s witch skin. she’s not on a job & I’ve been thru my inventory.


    1. It does not say anything about getting the skin too. Sometimes the deco/building and skin are separated when re-released.


      1. Jimmy Necessary 10/31/2017 — 23:39

        But when this event started, it was posted that Marge the Witch was going to be included with the cauldron as a Halloween Mystery Box prize. She has even been tagged to this article. Why even tag her as a key word to this article (and the other event related articles) if she is not going to be available to unlock in this event?


        1. Where was it posted that Marge the witch would return? link please
          We might have thought at that moment of publishing that she would return, things change all the time so older posts are not always reliable
          As for the tags, it is mostly c+p, for all things Halloween related, old and new. It takes too long to edit each tag-batch


          1. it was under the assumption that the item come with the cauldron


  2. Already own talking krusty doll and the house of evil. I only see bundled options for the evil shopkeeper. Will I be able to purchase him somehow, any ideas?


    1. if you see the new items article you’ll see he’s available alone for 75 D 😀


  3. Is the evil shopkeeper an Npc? I own the building but don t think I own him. Would it be possible to get just him.? I own the krusty doll as well. I feel like ive never seen him offered before. I got the building for free during one of the thoh events, as a hub for the event I think.


    1. full character and he can be bought alone too. and he’s new


  4. Somebody Who Exists 10/06/2017 — 23:24

    Is the bad dream house sold separately for those who own Raven?


  5. Any idea when the Halloween mystery box going to be available?


    1. i’ve put up the dates list too :p


      1. Thanks for the reply, but I honestly don’t see the dates on there. Might be because I’m using an extremely outdated version of firefox 31.0


  6. The tentacle tree is listed as having an 8 donut rebate on the wikisimpsons tapped out page. Is there really a rebate? You don’t have it listed here.


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