Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: Beasts and Trolls Release Prizes

Beasts and Trolls are roaming our towns and bringing some new decorations from enchanting them. Join us right after the jump for the complete list!

Upon placing the decoration of a beast, the beast will roam around town, you can then send kids to enchant them, erasing their Dark Mana. This will tame them.

Once tamed, the beast will go to their decoration (lair), and you can send the kids to enchant them with Light Mana.

Once they’re enchanted, you can then release them on 4 hours jobs, to grab new decorations. They can be gotten multiple times, by just sending the beasts on the jobs over and over, in the same order every time.


Image Name
Skull Flag
Nerd Gold
Wedgie Skeleton

Lewd, Crawl and Barfy

Image Name
Chaise Lounge
Dance Platform
Mead Crates


Image Name
Beast Toilet
Old TV
Beast Crib


Image Name
Lard Lad Donut
Weapon Rack
Crushed Car

Treestache Prizes

Image Name
Maple Tree
Willow Tree
Small Island

Burns Dragon Prizes (1 each is also released with the Burns Dragon Promo)

Image Name
Elephant Statue
Treasure Chest
Burns Dragon Statue

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


12 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: Beasts and Trolls Release Prizes

  1. There’s only so many decorations you actually need! They’re just stacking up in my store after the first few rounds.


  2. Jimmy Necessary 10/31/2017 — 19:08

    What characters can perform the enchanter jobs? I mean the complete list of all of the characters who can perform enchanter jobs.


    1. wizard bart, wizard lisa, magic act milhouse, unicorn wizard, greystash
      angelica button, the great raymondo, sorcerer frink, wizard martin


      1. Jimmy Necessary 10/31/2017 — 23:12

        Thank you. I’m disappointed, though, that’s not an even number of characters. I’m also disappointed that EA didn’t bring back Wizard Marge for this event.


  3. Will the beasts have jobs or any way of earning cash & xp after the event? Thanks, the website is awesome!


    1. atm it’s unknown, other than the release one from their deco, but that’s probably it


  4. Burns Dragon for under 200 donuts… wow, what a bargain!


  5. I’ve got Burns Dragon, but I thought I would get the three prizes when I spent the donuts. I have to enchant him first?


  6. once the beasts are enchanted, will they be in their lair or will there be a floating icon in their lair? thanks


  7. Those are fun decorations 😄


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