Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: Crafting

Craftables are back with more decorations and mostly returning items including a skin! Join us right after the jump for the complete list of craftables and the level up requirements!

Store update: Tentacle Tree is back in the store, while Shinning Bundle and Shinning Maze are leaving it!

Remember to level up your crafting, never use the option to use crafting material, instead craft items!

Image Name Cost Unlock
  Bonsai Beings 150 Level 1
  Magic Academy
Castle Walls
Magic Academy
Castle Wall (x4)
540 Level 1
flyingbats_menu Flying Bats 360 Level 1
medievalrichhouse_menu Medieval Rich House 720 Level 2
Magic Academy
Castle Gate
1.080 Level 3
belltower_transimage Bell Tower 2.070 Level 3
Dormitory Tower 900 Level 3
Corridor 1.350 Level 4
coveredbridge_menu Covered Bridge 1.800 Level 5
Iron Walls
Iron Wall (x4)
360 Level 6
darkcarriage_transimage Dark Carriage 2.700 Level 7
Magical Essence
2.160 Level 7
Hanging Streetlamps
Hanging Streetlamp (x4)
360 Level 8
Gargoyle Walls
Gargoyle Wall (x4)
360 Level 9
vampirecaskets_transimage Vampire Casket 720 Level 10
forestcave_transimage Forest Cave 3.150 Level 11
pyre_menu Pyre 270 Level 12
Spooky Brambles
Spooky Brambles (x4)
720 Level 12
wolfrock_transimage Wolf Rock 3.150 Level 12
Magic Academy
3.600 Level 13
unlock_ned_werewolfflanders Werewolf Flanders 5.400 Level 13

The following items can now be crafted singularly after placing the ones in inventory by chain placement. The price is 1/4 of the bundles.

Image Name Cost
Iron Wall 90
Gargoyle Wall 90
Hanging Streetlight 90
Spooky Brambles 180

To level up you need to craft items using the goblin gold collected:

2: 1.035
3: 2.115
4: 3.015
5: 4.365
6: 6.165
7: 6.525
8: 11.385
9: 11.745
10: 12.105
11: 12.825
12: 13.095
13: 13.815

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: Crafting

  1. Yep – very disappointing. Already have most of these and needed to level up just to get the one or two I don’t already have. Great for newbies but not so great for those of us who have been playing through a few of the events and already have the decorations.


  2. So far I am very disappointed in this years Halloween update. Hands down the worst one, and I’ve been playing since it was first released


    1. Yeah I gotta agree- there’s only like one small new decoration item in the crafting menu, everything else is repeated from previous years!


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