Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: Act 1 Prizes Walkthrough Part 1

Bart and Lisa are ready to do some magic training, while a throne was made for a MyPod? Join us right after the jump for the part 1 of the act 1 prizes walkthrough!

Store update: The Ghost Pirate Airship is back, while Gingerbread House w/Suzanne the Witch is leaving the store in 24 hours!

Tale of Two Mages Pt. 1

Lisa starts

Wizard Lisa: It’s the first day of Magic Academy classes! Bart, don’t forget to sharpen your wand and polish a toad for your teacher.
Bart: Listen, I’m magic’s biggest fan but ANOTHER school!? Magic or not, I’ll sit this one out.
Wizard Lisa: Come on, Bart, you don’t want to miss orientation! They have a sorting sock that determines your future! AND that’s when they hand out the owls!
Bart: I know my future – it’s being awesome. But I guess I could pick up my owl then bail before lame spell casting classes start.

Task: Make Wizard Lisa Attend Orientation
Time: 4h
Location: Magic Academy
Task: Make Wizard Bart Attend Orientation
Time: 4h
Location: Magic Academy

Wizard Lisa: I got grouped with all the book worms and try-hards! I can’t wait to out try-hard all of them!
Wizard Lisa: Where did you get assigned, Bart?
Wizard Bart: It booked me for a full year’s worth of detention. I hate when schools automatically and correctly assume you’re bad! It’s not fair!

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Tale of Two Mages Pt. 2

Lisa starts

Wizard Lisa: It was so cool, Mom! We learned how to transform frogs into princes.
Wizard Lisa: And then we trained the princes not to eat flies. And then we all ate lunch.
Marge: That’s great, sweetie. How was your day, Bart?
Wizard Bart: Lame! They’re forcing me to retake the pre-Magic Academy classes. I didn’t even get to cast a spell today!
Marge: I’m sure they just want to make sure you work at a rate you’re comfortable with.
Wizard Bart: They’re making me write the alphabet! Not even the magical alphabet. Just that stupid A, B, D one.

Task: Make Wizard Lisa Conduct a Magical Orchestra
Time: 8h
Task: Make Wizard Bart Shirk His ABCs
Time: 4h
Location: Bart’s Treehouse
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Tale of Two Mages Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Wizard Lisa: I can’t wait for exotic animal lessons today! I think we’re learning how to adjust a dragon’s flame.
Homer: Let me know when your dragon’s BBQ lighting-ready and I’ll have him over.
Wizard Bart: Forget this. I’m not sitting through another elixir mixing class. It’s all in metric. I barely know the Imperial system!
Wizard Bart: Even though I hate tests, it’s time for this prankster to put what he’s learned to the test.

Task: Make Wizard Lisa Learn Dragon Etiquette
Time: 4h
Location: Magic Academy
Task: Make Wizard Bart Magically Pants Skinner
Time: 8h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Requires: Skinner

Skinner: Bart, report to my office this instant.
Wizard Bart: So, this is the part where I get expelled from the normie school by the dweeb principal?
Skinner: Due to your impressive, though humiliating, display of magical aptitude, we’re enrolling you in dark arts. And may God have mercy on our souls.
Wizard Bart: Is that the one where the class paints a naked Willie?
Skinner: No. Parents shut that class down.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Tale of Two Mages Pt. 4

Lisa starts

Wizard Bart: So, apparently there’s also a “dark arts” side to magic. And I’m pretty good at it. Even heard the letter “A” being associated with me.
Wizard Bart: And it didn’t have an “ss” coming after it!
Homer: Lisa, why can’t you be more like your brother? He could become the first overlord warlock in this family!
Wizard Lisa: Of course, Bart’s the prodigy at the one thing I’ve read and obsessed over my entire young adult life.

Task: Make Wizard Bart Exploit Powers
Time: 4h
Task: Make Wizard Lisa Practice Spells
Time: 4h
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Tale of Two Mages Pt. 5

Lisa starts

Wizard Lisa: I got a B- in Transfiguration?! Haven’t I changed enough!
Wizard Bart: If you think you deserve an A, you should be able to turn it into one.
Wizard Lisa: You’re right, Bart. Although it’s against my moral code, I can Transfigure my B- into an A!
Wizard Bart: That’s not what I meant. Wait. Stop! Why am I the smart, responsible one now?! I’m scared. I’m very scared!

Task: Make Wizard Bart Sneak Around Invisible
Time: 1h
Location: Springfield Elementary
Task: Make Wizard Lisa Try to Transfigure an A
Time: 1h
Location: Simpson House

Wizard Lisa: Darn! I can only manage a B+.
Homer: Lisa, we’ve got to get out of here! An invisible ghost is throwing chicken bones at me and calling me fat-wad all over the house!

Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP

Monarch Mixtape

Auto starts

Lenny: Why don’t you move this thing into your bar? Could drown out the rats.
Moe: Nah, they’d just gnaw and scream over it.
Moe: Besides, I hate everyone’s taste in music. Even my own.
Lisa: It’s beautiful, a reminder of how beautiful Equalia can be. If only our world could take a page from it.
Smithers: Ah, if only.

Task: Tap Royal MyPod
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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