Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: Act 2 Prizes Walkthrough Part 2

Get ready to count time, spy on your enemies and drink! Join us right after the jump for the part 2 of the act 2 prizes walkthrough!

Store update: The last 24 hours for Lightup elder god are here!

Sand Noir

Auto starts

Wiggum: So, this is the scene of the crime. But no sign of evidence?
Wiggum: This is great news! We get to pack it up and go home. Another SPD success story!
Lou: But we did nothing, Chief. I got an idea where they stored the body though. It’s going to take some folks to flip that giant sand timer over.

Task: Tap Suffoclock of Sandy Doom

Wiggum: Nice work, Lou. It’s gonna be hard to gather evidence in these conditions and my never-ending quest to quit tells me to call it a day. Let’s go grab some Krusty Burgers.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Weapon of Mass Surveillance

Auto starts

Quimby: Use monies from my “Floozie” fund to hire some laborers to move this into my office.
Quimby: Better yet, just borrow an elephant from the city zoo and have the floozies meet me in my office as well.

Task: Tap Giant Crystal Ball
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Cauldron Craft Brew

Auto starts

Lenny: Wow, Barney. You look more smashed than usual. How many did you pound down tonight?
Barney: Just one! But it sure was tasty. It was also green! And then red, then green again.
Lenny: A Christmas-themed cocktail?
Barney: And I’m alive to tell you about it!
Lenny: You thinking what I’m thinking, Carl?
Carl: Yep. Bring on the holidays!

Task: Make Barflies Drink at Ye Old Magick Shoppe [x3]
Time: 4h
Location: Ye Olde Magick Shoppe
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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