Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: Act 3 Walkthrough Part 2

When the battle subsides, punishing the evil and closing the curtains is in order! Join us right after the jump for the part 2 of the act 3 walkthrough!

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The Vestige Pt. 3

Lisa starts

Lisa: The mystical beasts did it! He’s knocked out cold.
Martin: Huzzah! We have beaten the evil Lord Montymort. His name has no power anymore! Montymort! Montymort! Montymort!
Lord Montymort: But it’s annoying me.
Lord Montymort: You think I’m defeated that easy? I’ve got at least a trilogy’s worth of untapped storyline left. You haven’t seen the last of me!
Bart: Man, they always know how to drag these things out. Let’s speed up his plot line.

Defeat Lord Montymort [x3]

Lord Montymort: What have you done?! I feel as powerless as the middle-class’s ability to enact policy change.
Lisa: Fighting us repeatedly burned your magical reserves up! We’ve finally beaten you!

Quest reward:
Lord Montymort, 50 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Vestige Pt. 4

Homer starts

Homer: Woo hoo! We kicked the crap out of an old man!
Quimby: Lord Montymort, as judge, jury, defense, prosecutor, and inattentive audience, I find you guilty of trying to suck the magic out of everyone.
Lord Montymort: Do your worst! I’ve lived for centuries, through countless hellscapes… including fruit-flavored gum and fidget spinners.
Quimby: I hereby sentence you to three life sentences…
Lord Montymort: It will be a breeze.
Quimby: …to be served out here in Springfield.
Lord Montymort: Nooo! Please, take my life instead. I beg of you!

Task: Make Montymort Serve His First Life Sentence
Time: 8h
Location: Springfield Penitentiary, Police Station or Brown House
Quest reward: 50 Event Currency and 10 XP

The Vestige Pt. 5

Lisa starts

Lisa: Can we keep the Magic Academy?
Skinner: Another school would take from our school supply budget. We’d be forced to steal golf pencils and use triple-sided paper.
Lisa: What if we made it a for-profit school?
Lisa: We could use those profits to hire more teachers and create scholarships for the poor!
Quimby: Or fund a new parade convertible for this city’s mayor?

Task: Make Springfielders Go Shopping at Charmer’s Market [x5]
Time: 8h
Location: Charmer’s Market
Task: Make Springfielders Pay to Attend Magic Academy [x5]
Time: 8h
Location: Magic School
Task: Make Lord Montymort Clean Up Beast Droppings
Time: 8h
Location: Kearneymon’s Alley

Homer: Everything seemed better when I didn’t know his name.
Homer: I know how to fix that—bang the old noodle into a steel pole. *BANG* *BANG*
Lisa: Dad, no!
Homer: Dad, who?
System Message: You have completed the event story! Keep expanding your Magic Academy and enchanting Beasts!

Quest reward: 100 Event Currency and 20 XP

Post-Magical Depression

Auto starts

Task: Collect Toad Princes [x5000]

Quest reward: 1/2/3 Donuts

Happy Halloween 2017

Auto starts on October 31st at 11am GMT

Angelica Button: Why are all the Normies getting into costumes and traveling door to door?
Lisa: It’s Halloween! Everybody dresses up to go around asking for candy.
Angelica Button: Sounds like panhandling to me. We’ve eradicated that in my universe.
Lisa: Really?! You’ve evolved as a society beyond these silly customs?
Angelica Button: No, we just sent all the panhandlers through an interdimensional portal to a mysterious place called “San Francisco”.
System Message: Happy Halloween! Instead of a trick, have some treats on us!

Quest Rewards: 10 Donuts

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


5 thoughts on “Treehouse of Horror XXVIII: Act 3 Walkthrough Part 2

  1. Kanemochiemi 11/02/2017 — 17:04

    Mr Burns is stuck! He cannot do his new task!!!help!


    1. Mr Burns has no part in this event.
      Do you mean Montymore? Stuck how? Is he healing?


      1. xke you check the event panel? do you have a 4th option to fight him?


        1. For the last 2 days I’ve been on the task The Vestige Part 3 which asks me to defeat Montymort 3x. I keep doing the task but it still says 0/3. It’s stuck.


          1. you’ve to complete people and monsters fights and then it counts


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