This Thanksgiving’s Gone to the Birds!: All Event Items and Prices

It’s Thanksgiving time and new and old stuff are returning in the store. Join us right after the jump for the complete list of all the items of the event!

Note: The update is finally here on iOs!

Red characters are playable, Blue are NPCs

Black Friday and Cyber Monday items will appear on 23rd. Beware to not buy donuts at the moment as those buys will yield Gold Box Tokens during Black Friday.

image name cost
Premium Characters

Red Goblin
Mystical Pests Bundle

Blue Goblin
Mystical Pests Bundle

Quinn Hopper
Returning Premium Characters
 unlock_bigclaw bigclaw-unlock
 unlock_jacquelinebouvier tapped_out_mrs-_bouvier_unlock
Mrs. Bouvier
 Piggly’s Super Smorg
 unlock_tribechief tapped_out_unlock_tribal_chief
Tribal Chief
Pow-Wow Casino

Programmer Lisa
 This Thanksgiving’s Gone
to the Birds! Pt. 2
Premium Skin

Coat of Foxes Krusty
Premium Returning Skins
 unlock_ned_puritanflanders tapped_out_puritan_flanders_unlock
Puritan Flanders
Outfit Bundle
 unlock_lisa_sacagawea tapped_out_unlock_sacagawea_lisa
Sacagawea Lisa
Outfit Bundle
 unlock_homer_kingsize King-Size Homer Unlock
King-Size Homer
King Size Homer Bundle
Slaughterhouse Restaurant  This Thanksgiving’s Gone
to the Birds! Pt. 4
Premium Building
Deuce’s Caboose Chili Dogs
(Earns 6 every 4 hours)
Premium Returning Buildings
Piggly's Super Smorg Piggly’s Super Smorg
(Jacqueline Bouvier)
Rebate: 45
Caesar's Pow-Wow Casino Ceasar’s Pow-Wow Casino
(Tribal Chief)
Rebate: 50
Meat Propaganda Billboard   This Thanksgiving’s Gone
to the Birds! Pt. 1
Slaughterhouse Express   This Thanksgiving’s Gone
to the Birds! Pt. 3
Sir Loin-A-Lot   This Thanksgiving’s Gone
to the Birds! Pt. 4
Premium Decoration
(Quinn Hopper)
Returning Decorations
 Cornucopia  Cornucopia Thanksgiving 2017
(If Outdoor Feast
Table is not owned)
 Outdoor Feast Table Thanksgiving 2017
Rusty the Clown Parade Balloon  Rusty the Clown Parade Balloon  5.400
Blinky Balloon Blinky Balloon  16.500
Santa's Little Helper Balloon  Santa’s Little Helper Balloon 30.000
Premium Returning Decorations
Pow-Wow's Casino Sign Pow-Wow’s Casino Sign 40
 Turkey Stuffer* 60
Work From Home Station  Work from Home Station 60
King Size Homer Bundle
Bart Balloon Bart Ballon Thanksgiving
Balloon Bundle
Snowball 2 Balloon  Snowball II Balloon Thanksgiving
Balloon Bundle
Stampy Parade Balloon  Stampy Parade Balloon Thanksgiving
Balloon Bundle
 The Grumple Parade Balloon  The Grumple Parade Balloon Thanksgiving
Balloon Bundle
  Yellow Dragon Dragon Bundle
Red Dragon Dragon Bundle
   White Dragon  Dragon Bundle
   Caged Tom Turkey  100
Premium Bundles
Mystical Pests Bundle 40
ico_stor_single_balloonbundle Thanksgiving Balloon Bundle  80
ico_thanksgiving2015_prize_lisaandned Thanksgiving Outfit Bundle  80
Rebate: 15
 Dragon Bundle  100
ico_stor_single_wfhandkshbundle  King Size Homer Bundle  110
Premium Consumables
12 and 1  Dozen Donuts
60 and 2  Stack of 60 Donuts
300 and 3   Truckload of 300 Donuts
900 and 4  Store Full of 900 Donuts

Bundles content:

Mystical Pests Bundle: Red Goblin and Blue Goblin

Thanksgiving Balloon Bundle: Bart Balloon, Snowball II Balloon, Stampy Balloon and The Grumple Balloon

Thanksgiving Outfit Bundle: Sacagawea Lisa and Puritan Flanders

Dragon Bundle: Yellow Dragon, Red Dragon and White Dragon

King Size Homer Bundle: King-Size Homer and Work From Home Station

Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


9 thoughts on “This Thanksgiving’s Gone to the Birds!: All Event Items and Prices

  1. I’m a little confused by these donut bundles. Should the note for the store full of donuts say 900 donuts (instead of 600) and 4 tokens? And is there no bundle for the boatload?

    Thank you as always for the information!


  2. I didn’t enjoy last Christmas tapped out. The Halloween 2017 was, I find, not all that enjoyable. I might skip thanksgiving event. I don’t care for the prizes and have a lot of them anyway. If this Christmas is no better than I think I’ll give tapped out a long break. Been playing since 2013.


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