The Invasion Before Christmas: Daily Challenges

Just like all the other events since Daily Challenges were introduced, some new ones for the event were added. Join us right after the jump to discover the new challenges that awaits you during the The Invasion Before Christmas event!

The following list is a list of all the jobs.

Please remember to ALWAYS use the Go To button to do the jobs or they may not count and that to claim the reward you’ll need to tap on claim in the challenges screen.

Please note that normal Daily Challenges are still in effect and can be triggered randomly.

Clear Robo-Funzos [x40]
Clear Robo-Funzos in Friends’ Towns
Play the Re-Gifting Machine
Send B.S. Leaguers to Battle [x8]
Send Rigellians to Battle [x3]
Possible Rewards:
450 Event Currency

Join us later for more info on this event, happy tapping!


3 thoughts on “The Invasion Before Christmas: Daily Challenges

  1. One glorious day these will come back into my game! Been gone since Act 2 of Halloween. Went through the online help and got referred to the forums and 20 donuts for the trouble. Finally opened a regular, more official help request a few days ago. Hopefully it’ll be fixed sometime soon! It’s in my freemium game or I wouldn’t care as much…hard to hit the prize tracks without the extra currency bump.


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