The Invasion Before Christmas: Act 1 Prizes Part 1 Walkthrough

Kang is ready to take on the role of Santa, will he succeed? Join us right after the jump for the 1st part of the act 1 prizes walkthrough!

Kris-Cross Pt. 1

Kang starts

Santa Kang: Urg. Why do I have to imitate this “Kris Kringle” creature for us to invade Christmas?
Santa Kang: When we were invading Halloween, I didn’t have to pretend to be some kind of holiday-appropriate monster like the Great Pumpkin.
Mrs. Kodos Claus: That’s because you WERE the holiday-appropriate monster.
Santa Kang: Couldn’t I pretend to be the Grumple? That feels truer to me.
Mrs. Kodos Claus: Sorry, they used him up in a previous update.

Task: Make Santa Kang Be Torn Over Halloween or Christmas
Time: 8h
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Kris-Cross Pt. 2

Kang starts

Santa Kang: Okay, I’m dressed up as this cheery fatso Santa. Now what do I do?
Mrs. Kodos Claus: Well, you decide if children are naughty. If so, you give them a lump of coal.
Santa Kang: Excellent! Coal. Devastating. I’ll get right to work.
Mrs. Kodos Claus: Inappropriate. Regulations state you must label most kids “nice”.
Mrs. Kodos Claus: It’s like the American college system. Everyone gets at least a B.

Task: Make Santa Kang Reluctantly Label Kids “Nice”
Time: 1h
Location: Rigellian Christmas Spaceship

Santa Kang: Giving presents to everyone is exactly what’s wrong with today’s permissive slave societies.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Kris-Cross Pt. 3

Kang starts

Mrs. Kodos Claus: Kang, to properly imitate Santa, you must be prepared to participate in the ritual of the mall photo opportunity.
Mrs. Kodos Claus: Pretend I am a human child, and I have just emitted a large amount of liquid protein strands onto your lap. What do you do?
Santa Kang: Devour your head and send your parents to the grit mines of Deneb VI.
Mrs. Kodos Claus: Incorrect. You say “What a cutie” and smile for the camera.
Santa Kang: Kodos, it is unseemly to throw bullpuckey at a fellow Rigellian.

Task: Make Kang Wonder How He Got Himself Into This
Time: 4h
Location: Rigellian Christmas Spaceship
Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Kris-Cross Pt. 4

Kang starts

Santa Kang: Okay, I will put up with all this Santa nonsense for the glory of our conquest. Is there anything else?
Mrs. Kodos Claus: Yes, on Christmas Eve you drop down the chimney.
Santa Kang: Drop what down the chimney? Cobalt-thorium grenades? A nightmare lizard from Arcturus IX?
Mrs. Kodos Claus: Yourself and a bag of toys.
Santa Kang: You know, if people see me doing that it’s going to be a little tough to persuade them I’m an overlord.

Task: Make Santa Kang Practice Going Down Chimneys
Time: 4h
Location: Rigellian Christmas Spaceship

Santa Kang: Kodos, I’m stuck in the chimney again. Do NOT post pictures to social media.

Quest reward: $100 and 10 XP

Kris-Cross Pt. 5

Kang starts

Santa Kang: So, once I’m down the chimney, what next?
Mrs. Kodos Claus: Leave the presents. Eat the pets.
Santa Kang: This time YOU’RE wrong. I eat the COOKIES. My transformation into Santa is complete. HA HA HA!
Mrs. Kodos Claus: “Ho ho ho”, dear.
Santa Kang: Right, right. Sounds weird, but okay.

Task: Make Santa Kang Assimilate Into Winter Holidays
Time: 4h
Quest reward: $200 and 20 XP


Join us next time for more info on this event, happy tapping!


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