The Invasion Before Christmas: Act 2 starts now!

The second and final act of the event is starting now, with a new item, Shiva, and the returning Temple Beth Springfield w/Rabbi Krustofsky in store now!

Important note: If you can’t find a funzo using the locator, it’s because it hypnotized a character in the building at the center of the screen when you tap the locator. Once the character is done with the task, you can tap the funzo above the character.


15 thoughts on “The Invasion Before Christmas: Act 2 starts now!

  1. I have an A game and a B game. I bought the Rabbi because of the cute task to play chess. That task is not listed for my new Rabbi, any idea why?


  2. anyone dealing with a lot of crashes? My game is not loading, just crashes. have uninstalled and reinstalled, still not working!


  3. None of the premium characters that I purchased that said earns event currency have any jobs that can actually earn the event currency. Is anyone else experiencing this same problem??


  4. Act 2 started an hour early at 11:00pm Pacific Time. That’s not fair. I was trying to get my second free land token from the Regifting machine’s Act 1 prizes. Why did Act 2 have to start early? 12:00am Pacific Time (or 1:00am, during Daylight Savings Time) is usually when events start and end with this game.


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