Bart Royale event is live

Bart Royale event is live! Check your App Store to update the game. Join us later for all the event info you’ll need!


16 thoughts on “Bart Royale event is live

  1. Is anybody going to take up the responsibility for posts now? What about the founder Mike? Will you still post when events are coming and when they become live on this site? A little information only, but a great help.
    Thanks for all the posts over the last few years.


  2. What are the dates that Hans Mechman is suppose to be available for? He is not listed in the “Dates” section of the WikiSimpsons page for this event, and there is no countdown clock showing up for him in the game.


  3. The update for the iOS version of the game has appeared in the App Store, at least, it has for me, but I’m trying to finish up the Rommelwood Academy Classic Mini Event before I absolutely have to download the update. Do you have any clear idea as to when downloading of the update will become mandatory?


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