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Those that are in our Discord server may have noticed some changes in it and there’s a reason for it right now. It has been a bit of time and been thinking about it. My free time is being eaten too much and having talked to my best friend made me think of going through with it too. My free time is being eaten more and more with no real personal “income” (not monetary). I keep enjoying the game and am not giving up but managing is too much time consuming. Seeing as I’m the only one doing post here in the last i can’t even remember how long (though with the help of minicha with the rest of the stuff, thanks em for your job!) and i want to dedicate my time to other stuff i’m stepping down from managing topix. I’m however not going to close off. The WikiSimpsons is my welcome place where I can relax in peace and it’s been a easy place to be with great support. You’ll still find me there, here and on ea forum. any question regarding the game will still be answered here in the comments, on discord, and the EA forum, anyway. No worries.

Regarding comments on the site, me and em are going to continue answering them while they come, as long as they’re with the rules, as always.
As said, we’ve a Discord server. You can find us and chat with us, and the team of WikiSimpsons, directly there. Discord is a free program (and app for smartphone) you can download anytime from their official site. Then you can join our server by clicking here. See you on the flip side friends!


46 thoughts on “News regarding the site

  1. So long and thanks for all the fish.

    Fishing into the files… yeah, I’m making this relevant. Enjoy your new freedom. Welcome to the club. Thanks for still being there to give us insight.


  2. Sad to hear the news here at topix… but happy you are still working on the wiki! What would I do without you and your spoilers?!?

    See you over at EA forums and Discord ♥


  3. Thanks for your work over the years LPN. I’ll continue to follow your wiki entries. Live Long and Prosper! 🙂


  4. So I downloaded the discord app….registered & all that. Can’t find u or wikisimpsons. I tapped on the link provided in this post & it goes to the “web page down” message. Hope to be able to find you over there…I really like how you break down all the update changes,,even the small ones. Anyways,,thank you for all you’ve provided.


      • Hello again. I’m not sure exactly what sequence u need so I wrote it all down. I tried the link thru Minicha & I get redirected to the same page. The option says “join wikisimpsons” I am sorry for this. Here is the error #’s….WEBPAGE NOT AVAILABLE the webpage at intent:// Link= Fingerprint%3D405691902990614528.YkewdHucH5qCEd_HNIQVU6jJWZI&apn=com.discord&isi=985746746&ibi=com.hammerandchisel.discord&utm_source=invite&efr=1#Intent;S.browser_fallback_url=;end; could not be loaded because: net::ERR_UNKNOWN_URL_SCHEME
        Thank u & again I’m sorry that this seems to be happening. All links seem to end up at this same msg.


  5. Webpage not available….a lot of random #’s then it says err_unknown_url_scheme. I took a screenshot but can’t post a pic here


  6. Long term player(day one!)
    Long term visitor and poster on site, very sad to see the end
    Have enjoyed the site for many moons, and many events.
    Was always good to get myself sorted and ready during new events, to see how much donuts I needed to buy so I can get all the characters

    So thank you so very very much, it’s been a wild ride


    • I have never followed the show, and came to the game about 3 years ago. I quickly found out about your Site. I virtually buy everything, so I read more for background. I am amazed that you have the information, and the dedication to deseminate, analyze, illustrate, reveal, advise, etc., all these years. God Bless!


  7. Thanks for all of your hard work. I’ll miss the site but will check those other places. Good luck and best wishes!


  8. Long time visitor, first time commentor. Thanks much for everything you’ve done. Loved this site and definitely appreciate the amount of work you’ve put in. All the best.


  9. We all appreciate the time and effort you have put into this. Gonna miss you. What say you Mike? Is the site going to stay up?


  10. I don’t think any of us long-termers ever expected TSTO to go on this long. I worked out that this game has outlived 5 mobile phones for me, whereas most games don’t last the life of even 1 phone.
    Like your fondly remembered predecessors & colleagues running this site I don’t imagine any of you expected to keep this site going as long as you all have done, so kudos to you all for your efforts.
    Playing the game will feel like a much lonelier experience without you & Em and all the community on here. You will most definitely be missed!
    I’ll no doubt still find your posts on the Wiki, although I find that a really difficult site to navigate for some reason, idk.
    Good luck with all your future endeavours, and in the words of the great Douglas Adams:……”So long and thanks for all the fish!”
    🙂 😛 🙂

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  11. LPN – I’ve always enjoyed coming to TOPIX over the years and would like to thank you for all your hard work. I’m happy to have just connected with you on Discord and I always use Wiki hand in hand with my game. Good luck with your future endeavours……💜X


  12. I’d help you if I knew how, but your a pro at this stuff and I’m a lowly noob. thanks for all you’ve done lp I appreciate it lots. look forward to seeing you on other site you post on.


  13. Thanks for all your hard work! Hard to do this kind of thing by yourself. Sad but good for you to lessen the stress. Love this site especially the patch note changes 😀
    Maybe you could join Addicts community too! lol 😉


  14. Waaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaasas Waaaaaaaaaaaasas, Well all weird favorite, informative, useful, WEIRD things have to end ! Bond Voyage, God Bless


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