Bart Royale: All Event Items and Prices

A little catching up is in order, just for completion, bringing you the list of all the items in the event!


Returning Characters

Returning NPC Characters


Returning Skins


Returning Buildings

Building Skins


Returning Decorations

Decoration Skin



Permanent Item’s Rebate


2 thoughts on “Bart Royale: All Event Items and Prices

  1. Thanks for this posting – I am in full agreement. Had 11 free tokens and when this event began and earned the 3 during it. Had previously bought all land every time it was offered, with accumulated game dollars. Currently have $1,782,606,265 game dollars and about the only way to spend them was on land when you have pretty well everything. I have spent AT LEAST $,3000 in the last five of six years on donuts – it would be nice if we could have more items offered for $ instead of so much for donuts.
    While I am at it – very proud of my monorail – have expanded it three times – have lots of sections to expand again but need some new stations. Could we have a second monorail – could put two stations close together so riders could transfer from one line to the other.
    And lastly – my golf course has 14 holes – could we be offered more so I could complete it?
    Hope you are paying attention EA!!!!


  2. Off topic ~ the only way to get new land these days is with free land tokens!! Wtf is up with that ??
    There only a handful of those available… I would like to expand ,buy the rest of the the land squares like you were able to do in the past ! As all my land is accounted for with roads ,streets and buildings this has become an impossible task. EA you need to let us (5 year plus) long time players expand.. stop messing with us !!! 🤬


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