Homer vs the 18th Amendment and “Homer is Where the Art Isn’t” episode tie-in: All Updates Items and Prices

Homer vs the 18th Amendment, the St. Patrick’s Day 2018 update, is now live. We’re bringing you the list of all items and prices, as well as a preview on the ones for the “Homer is Where the Art Isn’t” episode tie-in that is coming on 15th. The update requires a store update and Level 20 to start.


Returning Characters

Returning Skin

NPC Characters

Returning NPC Characters


Returning Buildings

Building Skin


Returning Decorations




9 thoughts on “Homer vs the 18th Amendment and “Homer is Where the Art Isn’t” episode tie-in: All Updates Items and Prices

  1. The update for iOS devices is now available in the App Store.

    On a different note, Lady Duff is not appearing anywhere in the game store. Lady Duff’s icon appears in the “Collect Drinks” list of jobs for this event, but when I tap the Get Now button to go to the store, Lady Duff is still not there. I have even checked my inventory. Nothing regarding Lady Duff. I already own the Duff Brewery w/ Duffman and the Duff Party Bus, both of which I had bought during previous events. Is this just a glitch that is keeping Lady Duff from showing up in the store, or do I need to complete some quest before I can unlock Lady Duff, or what?


  2. Well, the update is here but you still cannot buy land without a free land token…
    So,I have no place to put new items because I can’t buy new land with game money. I will not put buildings ,etc. in storage just to purchase any new items !! EA has proven once again that they do not care ! 🤬


    • You are so right – they don’t care about anything but getting more money spent on donuts. After spending about $3,000 on donuts over the last several years, and accumulating $1,804,380,210 in game money, which I cannot now use to purchase land, I am thinking of quitting the game.


  3. Well, if EA does not make new land available via their funny money ,then I am not playing this quest !! After playing this game (completing all the quests) since 2012 , enough is enough !! 🤬


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