Moving elsewhere and supporting my work

Ever since the last months, I’ve moved on to different and more effective and easy to manage, and more userfriendly, ways to deliver my job of giving information regarding The Simpsons: Wikisimpsons and Wikisimpsons’ Discord. You can find the links to WikiSimpsons and the Discord by clicking on them here. This site has become inactive and closed. Having being left basicly alone for so long (except the help from the great minicha, always appreciate thanks!) I decided to do the less-consuming and best time-effective way. You can find me there and also help me and support me by using the donation link in the menu over here or by clicking here. All money will go directly to me. Thanks for your patience and see you on discord and wiki!


6 thoughts on “Moving elsewhere and supporting my work

  1. Am sorry that this comment is so very late. Hell I’m not even sure you’ll get to read this.

    It suck’s that this site became inactive and thus closed. And why I rarely commented is that I don’t have access to Wi-Fi 24/7 and when I’d be able to connect I’d find that the majority of what I wanted to say had already been said.


    1. you can use our discord and wikisimpsons to get any information and contact us now 😉

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    2. I read it !! 🤨


  2. tiffany7291 06/11/2018 — 01:20

    Some reason I always have trouble with the Discord app. I had a hard time getting the invite & so I finally got in & made an account. Then got a new phone,, download the app thinking I could just log in but no,,it tells me I have to be invited. So whatever,,,but I will miss your blogs here. Especially when u breakdown all the update changes..good luck with all your endeavors.


    1. by logging in with your discord account you get in automatically


  3. We will miss you just the same !! 😬🤓


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