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Secret Agents: Act 2 Prizes

Hello secret skyfingers … With Hank Scorpio using the “genius” of Homer for his new plan, spies are at large in Springfield. With this Secret Agents major event we have a lot of items to cover with new items coming on surprise dates and many recurring event features like prizes and crafting. With EA taking the spy route of encryption for the event dates and premium prices there isn’t much we can tell you in terms of spoilers but it does mean you can wake up each day with an open mind of what’s in the store. A Dry Cleaners, Lava Lair and a Spy – today we’re looking at the prizes for Act 2 so buckle up and join us over the jump for basics on the Act 2 prizes …

Store update: The last 24 hours for the University Nerds Bundle (Benjamin, Doug and Gary) and the Super Collider are here!

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Announcement: Ask Sam #2

Hello Tappers.

It’s HappyTapper here to quickly promote something I am doing once again on my YouTube channel. This isn’t linked with TopiX but at the end of the 2016 I promoted Ask Sam and only gave people a day to ask me a question so today I announcing that I am doing the same BUT am going to give you much longer.

Here’s a video explaining …

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Secret Agents: Act 1 Prizes

Hello secret skyfingers … With Hank Scorpio using the “genius” of Homer for his new plan, spies are at large in Springfield. With this Secret Agents major event we have a lot of items to cover and with LP taking a break from the many big jobs he was juggling I decided to have a go at giving you as much info as my spare time (which isn’t much) can handle.
So bare in mind that I will probably make the odd mistake and I won’t be able to organise as much as LP did meaning that walkthroughs for minor gameplays (prizes, premium etc) probably won’t happen but I will do my very best to give you the information that I would title as being useful.

A truck, A Headquarters and an 007 doppelganger – yes, today I decided to cover Act 1 prizes because I can’t cover posts like the ‘New items’ post until I’ve sorted out a few details. So read on to find out the basics of the Act 1 prizes. Enjoy…

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Q&A: Ask Sam! (2016)

So a few days I did the announcement that you could ask me questions. I got more questions then I thought I would. Thank you everyone who gave their questions! Here are my answers:

Note: I only answered questions that were submitted before 9am (GMT) on the 20th, like I said on the announcement. I am sorry if your question wasn’t answered due to this but I had limited recording time. I have gotten a few questions since the recording and have got requests to do another one so I will wait a few months or wait for a new event to do a new Ask Sam! soon.

Thank you everyone. Enjoy the video, have a great holiday week and Happy Tapping!

Announcement: Ask Sam!

First I would like to apologise for my long abscense writing posts. I have always been behind scenes of TopiX, talking to LP and admins, but have found it hard to get back into writing here. Because of my dedication to my blog and my Youtube channel, I won’t post here that much. But when I do pop in, when I want to, then enjoy what I have to bring …


This is a really quick post just to let you know about something I am doing on my YouTube channel. I am giving you over 12 hours to submit me your questions for me to record me answering them and put them up before Christmas.

Do you have a question for me about TSTO? Simpsons? 2016 in the game? This event? Then submit it.

To submit me a question all you have to do is comment on this blog post or comment on the YouTube video below:

Please get involved. Hope you are enjoying the event. Happy Tapping …

HT’s Speculation: Science fun, coming soon!

HappyTapper (HT) here for some fun speculation to kick-start your week. I love a bit of speculation – using Simpsons knowledge, teasers and imagination to dream for what EA could add to a future update.

Last night we received the first teaser for a new update coming soon so read on for more news and a list of content that I want to see with what could be coming …

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Springfield Games: Guide to Pin Collecting and Fatov

Lisa has a true addiction for pins, not again 😉, arriving in our games with a new mini-game for this mini-event unlocking a mini-character (actually it is just a character).

Guide posts are fun to do, in my opinion, and I know this is a new aspect of the game so here is my guide to pin collecting, Pin Collecting Lisa and Fatov …


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Item Overview: Cristo of Springfield

Springfield is pulling off the first ever Springfield Games in our towns in this new mini-event. Full of prizes, dialogue and items in store there is plenty of information to find out. In this post we explore Cristo of Springfield a new item added to this mini-event.

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Item Overview: Half Pipe

Springfield is going for gold in this new mini-event. Can Lisa persuade adults to take part? Is training going to pull anything off? Well one thin is for sure, this mini-event is filled with prizes and a mixture of new and returning items. In this post we review one of the new items to hit the store: the half pipe.

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Item Overview: The Scout Master

First of all, I would like to apologise for a lack of overview posts due to busyness and a recent illness. Life seems to have cleared up so more posts coming your way!

Poor fingers tired from tapping, saving Springfield from felons? Criminals frequently told whose boss with a tap? Yes, superheroes is back with a first time sequel event! I wonder what other sequel events they could do? Lets leave that toa  seperate post … meaning more prizes, quests and items in the store.

Items range from the bargains, priceys, funny to the weird. In the post we explore my newly awarded funniest character in Tapped Out history! Yes the Scoutmaster has arrived in our games.

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