Halloween 2013. Afterview. 11 good reasons to be grateful for the 2013, Halloween event

Hi guys.

Over the past 38 days, EA have blessed us with an outstanding event. Halloween 2013 has truly been over loaded to its maximum. So here is the overall review of what has been given, the changes and the comparisons to the last major event, Whacking Day 2013.

So enough with the chit chat. Here is a recap what this amazing event that EA have put together for us.

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The wait is Homer. I mean over. Congratulations everyone for we now have the final Community Prize.

Hi guys.

On day 32 and with just over 4 and a half days to go, the wait for the final community prize is finally over. We have worked hard together and with calluses on our fingers, King Homer “Kong” and his skyscraper haver finally made their appearance. So let me go through a few things.

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Repost: Missing Goo!

Hi guys.

This is a repost from early in the event (12th of October to be exact) where people are still having the problem with losing goo when they come up to the bonus round after collecting all the personal prizes. Please read carefully if it is new to you and I hope this helps as its helped me (only lost a total of 19 goo).

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Halloween 2013 Special Run-through: A Walkthrough Within Walkthroughs. How To Manage Your Tasks.

Hi guys

After I laid out the quests for homer in a message, an idea was put forth by Kamanova. So thank you for the input. Kamanova’s idea was, because of all the walkthroughs going on at once during the Halloween event, to make a “walkthrough within a walkthrough”. So that is what this is. Please plan ahead as you still have 2 weeks to complete the main quest line and when comparing to other events, most likely you will be able to complete the others after the event.

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Repost: Frog Prince (Animation Post)

Here is a repost about the upcoming community prize, Frog Prince:

Hello everyone and this is going to be a short post about our fourth community prize, Frog Prince:

Frog Prince is from the Treehouse of Horror XII episode (Wiz Kids) and only plays a short role in the episode. Mrs. Krabappel had her class working on toad-to-prince spells for the upcoming magic recital at Springwart’s School of Magicry.  Mrs. Krabappel went to Bart’s desk and sarcastically asked, “Well, Bart, did you study your spell book last night, or did your fairy godmother die again?” Bart tells Mrs. Krabappel that he studied and the results show that he didn’t. He waved his wand over his toad, and said the incantation, “Abra-ca … turn into a prince guy?” Bart’s wand emitted an ugly shower of sparks and made a crackling noise like an out-of-tune radio, and the Toad-Prince creature appeared on Bart’s desk. And that is how Frog Prince was born.

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TheAdiposeTV: Halloween Premium Review

Hello everyone and the site has not posted for the last couple of hours so I thought I would break the silence. Here we are with another fantastic video from TheAdiposeTV. As you have may have recently known TSTO TopiX and TheAdiposeTV are coming together to create a collection of video’s called “Ask The Writer” and the details on that can be found here. This video will talk about the premium items this Halloween event has to offer. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe.

Should I buy a Ghost Bomb?

Now that we have been awarded the Ghost Bomb as our 3rd Community Prize the ability to buy them have been unlocked. Now the question is: Should I buy a Ghost Bomb? Let me help you answer this. First a brief overview.


The Ghost Bomb was unlocked at the global goal of 13 billion Goo, which we accomplished with blinding speed. As soon as it was unlocked everyone received 5 free bombs and they unlocked for purchase in the premium menu.


3 Donuts for 1
20 Donuts for 12 (which breaks down to a 16 Donut savings versus the single bombs)

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Hey there’s Bombs in those…..Ghosts!?

As soon as the Ghost Bomb was unlocked I saw reports here at Topix that we could now collect bombs as rewards for popping Ghosts and Gremlins. I held off posting until I saw it for myself.


And then again a few minutes later:


So I am here to confirm that although the Ghost Bombs obliterate all Ghosts, you can actually win some as a result of popping them. Seems to be some kind of weird sacrificial…. thingy but hey free is free.
I still have to check the files for actual chances and I did not win any in almost 20 friend visits but they’re out there somewhere. When or if I find actual numbers I’ll update this post.
Free donuts and now free premium Ghost Bombs?! Did someone bump their head? Just another hidden treat in an already great and giving update.
Happy Bombing….wait that sounds weird….Happy tapping!
Mike S.

9,000,000,000 Goo! We are on our way!

Hi guys.

So earlier today or late last night, depending on where home is in the world for you we hit our big 9 billion goo for the community prizes. That’s fantastic! Although I did get the picture straight away, this post has been delayed due to the fact that I had to work. So better later than never, I say.
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Happy 7,000,000,000! We’re under par!

Hi guys.

So, we have now hit the 7 billion mark and its getting quicker and quicker. So, why , you may be asking, have I used a golf term? Well its because our current goal of 25 billion Goo seemed impossible at the start if the event however, after 8 days into it, most people already have most of the prizes, at least to Kang and we are sucking in around 1.15 billion goo each day. That means we should be able to hit 25 billion by around the 25th of this month. Thats amazing! It also seems to be getting quicker. That means, to use the golf term par we would need to be getting 658 million Goo each day to make 25 billion by the time the timer was in its final hour. We are now under 643 million. That is 15 million less than our required goal and while we keep smashing 1 billion each day, this average is diminishing fast.

As I said in the previous 2 posts, a reminder about the free donuts every 2000 Goo after the 10 personal prizes. If thats not enough, the possibility of scoring free donuts from tapping buildings, ghosts and gremlins. Ive scored 3 already!

Ok, now let’s look at the target. As I said before, it seems that we have a set target of 25,000,000,000 Goo in total. These are the daily averages of Goo that we need to get in order to get that specific prize with a day to spare. In addition, I’ve added a comparison of how much we are down on yesterday’s total.

  • Prize 1
    First Church of Lard Lad – Cleared and Received
  • Prize 2
    Clawing Zombie – 111,111,111 Goo
    (down 31,746,032)
  • Prize 3
    Ghost Bomb – 296,296,296 Goo (down 25,132,275 )
  • Prize 4
    Frog Prince – 481,481,481 Goo (down 18,518,519)
  • Prize 5
    King Homer Skyscraper and King Homer – 666,666,667 Goo (down 11,904,762)

So they are the statistics for today’s and with 27 full days to go we can do it. Let’s work together to claim them all.

Also note; Making accusations about the purity of the meter decreases everyones moral. Please keep these opinions to yourself, at least until after we’ve gotten the 5th and final prize. If it is true, who cares? Whats the worst that could happen? We have to tap to get free prizes? Aren’t we supposed to do that anyway?

Think of it this way. If it was true and I certainly don’t believe it, EA would be helping us out. Not the other way around. At the end of the day, I would like to think that they want us to succeed. At least at the end of it you’ll have a good feeling knowing that you got the prizes and more importantly, you helped so poor unfortunate souls. (Your Friends😉)