How Do the ___________ Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter? Multi-Update Guide

With all of the craziness that the holiday season brings, (by holiday season I mean October to January according to the stores in my area) we sometimes get lost in our real world responsibilities like families, jobs, etc. And sometimes we just get behind, which is the case with our Conform-O-Meter posts. We’ve missed a few updates and instead of posting them one by one I’m going to catch up, right here, all in one guide.

conform2According to my records we are missing everything after Level 45 so we’ll go from there and by the end of this will have covered everything up until Phase 2 of the current Christmas event. If you’re new or newer and would like to learn what the Conform-O-Meter is and what it does please see our post here. For more information about the other Conform-o-meter ratings and other technical details in the game, please check out our S-Files Page full of technical info on the game here.

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Christmas Calender Pt 1

Hi Y’all!
The first stage of Winter 2014 is between December 3rd – 24th.
There are prizes to win when you collect Presents.
How many do you need to get all prizes? Let’s find out!

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Halloween 2014 Preparation

Hello Tappers!

We will soon be saying goodbye to the Clash of Clones event however as one event goes another must arrive. And in this case it is the Halloween event of 2014! Next week we will be seeing the arrival of our third Halloween event and I’m back with another preparation post to help you prepare for another event! Just before the Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter and Clash of Clones event I did a post about preparing for the events and it turned out to be a big success. I’m back with the post but this time helping you prepare for Halloween 2014! And this will mark one year of myself helping you prepare for an upcoming event.

For every player that might not have reached the top-level, you will need to prepare for this upcoming event. An event is always big and you most likely will need a lot of Money, Land, Friends and of course Donuts! So here is a guide to help you to prepare for the upcoming Halloween event of 2014.


There will be upcoming posts talking about previous Halloween events along with some speculation about the upcoming Halloween event and what to expect from October 2014. It has been confirmed that the Halloween event will arrive on Tuesday after the removal of the Clash of Clones event. However we don’t have any further details of what the event will contain apart from a date.

Now, Here is the preparation guide for Halloween 2014:

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Premium Guide: The Mayan Bundle

Hello Tappers!

The Yard Sale has arrived and old items have returned! The returning items are all premium and have a limited time offer! So to help you decide on your purchasing decisions, TopiX is helping you through the Yard Sale event by posting Premium Guides on each item on offer! To start off with we are going to look at the Mayan Bundle.


Recently I posted the Mayan walk-through which can be found here, and now we are going to have a look if you should purchase your Mayan Bundle. In this post we will give you a guide on the Mayan Bundle along with some Pros and Cons and a history lesson. So lets get started on the ‘Premium Guide: The Mayan Bundle’:

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Christmas 2013. Walkthrough. Too Much of a Good Thing. Part 13 – 20

Hi guys.

Well, this part is extremely long so I’ll just get straight into it. We last left off all the townsfolk shopping for their loved ones. Remember that Marge needs to be free for part 13. Also, make sure Lisa is free too.
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Christmas 2013 Personal Prizes. Walkthrough. Part 2. Elf Home, Skating Rink, Happy Elves Ride, Christmas Raccoon and King Plow’s Plow

Hi guys.

So the first 3 prizes
have been covered in the first part which can be found here.
Now it’s time to visit the other 5 personal prizes.

So let’s recap what the personal
prizes are for the 2013 Christmas event for The Simpsons Tapped

Gift Cards – Egg Nog Bar

Gift Cards – Holiday Tree

Gift Cards – Springfield Mall

6,000 Gift Cards – Elf Home

10,000 Gift
Cards – Springfield Skating Rink

Gift Cards – Happy Elves Ride

18,000 Gift
Cards – Christmas Raccoon

Gift Cards – Santa Flanders

26,000 Gift Cards – Plow King’s

Gift Cards – Costingtons and Mr. Costington

Now, let’s look
at the other prizes. For Santa Flanders, click here
and for Costingtons, click here.
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Christmas 2013. Costingtons and Walkthrough. The Cost of Doing Business.

Hi guys.

As part of the 2013 Christmas holiday event, we have been able to receive Mr. Costington, along with his department store. You can redeem this prize after collecting 30,000 gift cards as part of the personal prizes. With determination and a bit of playing, you should be able to score this prize after 10 days of collecting from your town once a day and from 100 friends.


First, let’s talk about his background in relation to the show, followed by the prize overview, then his tasks and then we will finish with the walkthrough.
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Christmas 2013. Santa Flanders. Walkthrough and Tasks.

Hi guys.

As part of the personal prize list, comes a Santa skin for Ned Flanders, Santa Flanders. It is the 8th prize on the list and you can claim it by collecting 22,000 gift cards.

So let’s have a look at his walkthrough and his tasks.

First, let’s look at his tasks and how much you will earn from each one.

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Christmas 2013. Personal Prizes Walkthrough. Part 1. Egg Nog Bar, Holiday Tree and the Springfield Mall

Hi guys.
So here is part one of the Christmas 2013 personal prize walkthroughs. Some of these walkthroughs are quite short and are just a dialogue or short story behind the gift so I decided to combine some of them together. So let’s start with the very first personal prize of the Christmas 2013 gift list.
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Are you my secret Santa?

Hi guys. Some of you may be asking questions like “What should I tap?” and “What is the point to presents?” Let’s go through what has changed while visiting friends, what to tap and what’s the point of giving presents. Ok, let’s start with what’s the point of giving presents.
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