Cyber Monday 2015: Should I Buy… Kwik-E-Mart Central Office?

Following the most recognized sale/shopping day of the entire year, Black Friday, a tradition that isn’t as old and popular as its predecessor but gains speed every year, Cyber Monday is upon us. While EA’s attention to Cyber Monday doesn’t even compare to the massive Black Friday frenzy we’ve just seen, they at least have not only something to offer, but something NEW to tempt our tattered, beat up pockets.


Along with the sale of 8 previously released items scheduled for today, players will be given a special offer of a brand-spanking new building, Kwik-E-Mart Central Office. It is available for 2 days only so without any delay let’s get cracking and hopefully help you decide to take the deal or pass on it. Follow me.

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Should I Buy…..Beer Stein Wiggum? Premium Guide

Everyone’s favorite down on his luck, jack of all trades Gil Gunderson made a very surprise pre-Halloween visit to our virtual world’s bringing with him an original, min-event with Oktoberfest. I know if most of you are like me the “Oh it’s Halloween!” butterflies fluttered in my stomach when I first saw signs of an update. Not a very big or even unique content-filled update by any means but any chance to obtain fresh, new content is always a plus. The farther along we come the more excited I get to see just how deep into the archives the developers go to pull out new stuff for our Springfield’s.


Seeing as how we’ve been lacking on a favored post series lately, I’m here to help you decide on whether to take ol’ Gil up on his offer of the Beer Stein Wiggum skin or let him go dumpster diving yet again for dinner and pass on it. Hopefully by the end of this I will have at least tried to best answer the burning question that comes with any premium purchase, Should I Buy…..Beer Stein Wiggum?

Right this way and quickly! This item won’t be around much longer!

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July 4th 2015 – A Final Look: Buyers Guide

Let me begin by apologizing for the very delayed post. I am recovering from being struck by a car a few days ago and was not able to get this out in time. So since we did not get out a proper Overview and there’s still time to purchase the content I’ve decided to combine the Should I Buy….July 4 2015? with the July 4 2015: Full Overview. This way we have a properly documented source of reference as it pertains to the game’s history and you get a detailed guide to assist in any last minute decisions. Forgive some of the wording as I started writing this on the day of the release. 

Just as I was about to begin a period of utter dread in anticipation of yet another boring Fourth of July mini-event, chock full of rehashed content and characters, yet again EA threw a curve ball at me, an increasingly more common occurrence thus far in 2015. The July 4 2015 event dropped with little warning, and while it does contain the usual 2-3 rehashed characters and their anchor buildings, it’s the very few new items that make this little tip of the brim towards American independence all worth even talking about.

Even our good ol’ pal Gil Gunderson came to town with his pockets full of snake oil for the holiday with a brand new Gil Deal to make you pay money for an “all-American, patriotic yet insanely scandalous and historically disgraced previously breathing” symbol of American freedom, isn’t he such a swell guy. That Gil.  And he brought along a Tricky Dick that he pulled from a Deep Throat of American history to offer him up to you, as bait, I mean as the newest ex-whatever to fill in the ranks of the Fourth of July character set.


To find out what this years celebration of independence has brought to our ever-growing virtual populaces, follow me after the usual complementary yet-ever-so-spoilery image of what we’re going to spoil for you anyway once you do actually “follow me.” Your welcome!


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Should I Buy……..Stacy Lovell, Malibu Stacy HQ and Stacy’s Dream House? Premium Guide

Updates such as Level 53 are exactly why The Simpsons Tapped Out is one of the greatest games ever, especially for those of us who have been avid fans for the last 26 years. I’ve said it a hundred times and probably will say it a hundred more, level updates are my absolute favorite additions to the game because the content of each new level is “canon” material and comes straight from the core story line of the show and gives the developers and writers an opportunity to “continue” or extend on a story or character that many of us found ourselves wishing for more of.

Many of you may not be so excited to see Stacy Lovell or better yet, many of you may not even know who Stacy Lovell is, but once you’ve completed this Premium Guide, hopefully, you will have gained a better understanding of the contribution this character has made to the history of The Simpsons and to many of its characters. Also, I’m hoping this will help you to decide on whether buying Stacy and the Malibu Stacy Headquarters is worth the donuts. Seeing as how Stacy Lovell and the additional premium building of Level 53 is so closely connected I will also cover Stacy’s Dream House in order to show the additional benefits from one purchase and how they add to the other and vice versa.

Mailbu-Stacy-Episode-ImageFollow me as we delve deep into The Simpsons and discover the history of Stacy Lovell and her greatest creation, Malibu Stacy.

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Level 50: Kwik-Tap Guide – The Joy of Gossip & The Real Investorettes (Bonus Quest)

If you ask me, EA must have had some serious closed-door meetings over the winter regarding the current state, or lack thereof, of Tapped Out. I say this because not only we were hit ever so sweetly with a fantastic Superhero event that has given us classic show icons including Bartman, now they lay yet another terrific gem in our laps with the addition of Helen Lovejoy and the rest of Level 50. FINALLY, jeez!

Anyhow, we’ve sort of gone off of our normal posting formula in recent months, strictly due to lack of manpower, and although we’ve been absolutely fortunate enough to acquire wonderful help from LPN who’s gotten Topix through a rough winter, we’re going to get back on track. Starting with the return of the popular Kwik-Tap Guide. For our newer readers, Topix’s Kwik-Tap Guides are stripped down versions of walkthroughs. Rather than spoil you with all of the incredibly funny and cleverly written dialog of new quests, these guides just give you a heads up on which characters needs to be free to begin a specific part of a quest, how long is the task, what building is needed, etc. This way you know not to send a character on those dreadful random tasks if you know already that he or she is needed for a new quest.

characters_level50And with that I’ll stop blabbering and get to the newest quest for Level 50 and Helen Lovejoy.

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Should I Buy… The Crap Silo and Plopper the Pig? Premium Guide

What a better way to begin a post other than with a clip of one of the most popular and recognizable scenes ever in the history of The Simpsons. Finally after dozens of updates, events and episode tie-ins, as well as hundreds upon thousands of player requests, the infamous pet pig of Homer Simpson has made its way into our virtual worlds. Plopper the pig has arrived as a premium offering with the epic Superheroes Event of 2015 and not only has he arrived, he’s a SUPERHERO!

Silo Episode ImageAlthough, for me, buying Plopper was an absolute no-brainer, I’d have probably paid anything for him, however, any premium purchase is a tough call for many of you. That’s where we come in, to give you as much info and history on each premium offering as possible to help you answer the question, “Should I Buy….The Crap Silo with Plopper Pig?” Hopefully by the end of this article you will have gained at least some extra insight into this package that you may not have had before.

Let’s take a look into Plopper’s history first, right through here!

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Should I Buy….. Animatronic Bears? Premium Guide

Hey friends!

Note: Yes, this article could have been released sooner, however, I’ve just returned from a much-needed family getaway and there is still a few hours shy of 1 day left to ponder the purchase of the Animatronic Bears.

It’s been awhile since I’ve been on the front lines here and I’d very much like to start by saying I sincerely appreciate all of the hard work that Emma and LetsPlayNintendoITA have put into TopiX, they’ve truly devoted their heart and soul into keeping this great site going day after day. I cannot thank you enough and also to all of our loyal readers for keeping us amidst the best blogs in the world dedicated to Tapped Out.

Anyhow, back to matter at hand, this years Valentine’s “thingy.” I hesitate calling it anything more than that because, well it isn’t anything more than that, plain and simple. Lots of good old item releases for the newer players which is good because it allows players who passed or missed on items the first time certain items were released. And many players did complain that the V-Day events were over-stressed and had too much put into it so I guess everyone got a little of what they were asking for, almost everyone.

Putting all of the negative perception aside I am here on a lighter note for all of you, the good ol’ Premium Guide. The only new, never-seen-before item we received with the V-Day update is a fun little addition called the Animatronic Bears. I am going to give you all a little insight as to when and what episode, if any, this item made its appearance as well as any and all vital game info for this item to ultimately help you answer the question, Should I Buy…the Animatronic Bears?

Animatronic Bears

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A “Super” Let Down…. Or Is It? Post-Valentine’s Speculation

Hey friends!
Anyone who has followed me from my early days of blogging through till now knows that I am so not the speculative type of guy. In fact, I have actually advised my writers here at Topix to stray away from speculating whenever possible. But with the recent events of Tapped Out, or complete lack thereof, coupled with a very few and equally disappointing number of updates in general to kick off 2015, speculating is nature’s reaction to boredom and sheer disappointment. What else is there to do?
Having said that I’m here to start the rumor mill and give you my personal thoughts and expectations of what I THINK may or will happen in the coming weeks. I want to stress again that this is my personal, educated opinion based on certain instances, details given and just good ol’ fashioned gut intuition.
Anyone interested in reading what I think is going on with our beloved virtual escapes, follow me after the jump….


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Episode Fact File: The Man Who Came To Be Dinner

Howdy Tappers!

Last sunday, we had a new episode of The Simpsons! Fox aired a brand new episode of The Simpsons and despite not getting an tie-in update for this episode, I’m still going to cover everything you need to know in my Episode Fact File. Since my departure there have been no Episode Fact File articles published, so basically if you are new to these type of posts, this one will give you all of the information ahead of tonight’s episode. I will include information along with exclusive pictures and videos.

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Level 48 Premium Walkthrough: Lurleen – Country on the Inside

Hello fellow tappers, Level 48 was released on December 16th, during the Winter 2014 event, and introduced 2 new characters: Janey e Lurleen.

We already analyzed Janey’s questline here.

Lurleen Set

Today we analyze the interesting questline of Lurleen
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