Cyber Monday 2015: Should I Buy… Kwik-E-Mart Central Office?

Following the most recognized sale/shopping day of the entire year, Black Friday, a tradition that isn’t as old and popular as its predecessor but gains speed every year, Cyber Monday is upon us. While EA’s attention to Cyber Monday doesn’t even compare to the massive Black Friday frenzy we’ve just seen, they at least have not only something to offer, but something NEW to tempt our tattered, beat up pockets.


Along with the sale of 8 previously released items scheduled for today, players will be given a special offer of a brand-spanking new building, Kwik-E-Mart Central Office. It is available for 2 days only so without any delay let’s get cracking and hopefully help you decide to take the deal or pass on it. Follow me.

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Should I Buy…..Beer Stein Wiggum? Premium Guide

Everyone’s favorite down on his luck, jack of all trades Gil Gunderson made a very surprise pre-Halloween visit to our virtual world’s bringing with him an original, min-event with Oktoberfest. I know if most of you are like me the “Oh it’s Halloween!” butterflies fluttered in my stomach when I first saw signs of an update. Not a very big or even unique content-filled update by any means but any chance to obtain fresh, new content is always a plus. The farther along we come the more excited I get to see just how deep into the archives the developers go to pull out new stuff for our Springfield’s.


Seeing as how we’ve been lacking on a favored post series lately, I’m here to help you decide on whether to take ol’ Gil up on his offer of the Beer Stein Wiggum skin or let him go dumpster diving yet again for dinner and pass on it. Hopefully by the end of this I will have at least tried to best answer the burning question that comes with any premium purchase, Should I Buy…..Beer Stein Wiggum?

Right this way and quickly! This item won’t be around much longer!

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Monorail 2015 Event Bug & Glitch Report (Update: September 14th)

I’ve decided to go ahead and make this post our official Glitch/Bug/Error Report for the Monorail Event after seeing more than one issue come through the comments. As issues arise and if any fixes go live we will update this post. If you’re experiencing a glitch not listed or discussed here please let us know in the comments below. As terrific a feeling it is to finally be on the way to getting the Monorail, it seems a though this one may have come out a bit prematurely as we are receiving just as many comments regarding issues as we are regarding our readers enjoyment with the event. Keep reading after the jump and we’ll get right into the initial glitch that this article was created for and one of the most important as it hits very early on in the event’s quest.


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St. Patrick’s Day 2015 Mini-Event Overview

Just when we thought it’d be a slow day, no seriously we were JUST saying that, the Irish came a knockin’ bringing us the St. Patrick’s 2015 event. Not a huge event by any means but as always, the rivers once again flow green and little leprechauns run amok in our towns. Also, it seems our pal Gil is quite busy these days as he brings us yet another deal for the event as well.Today I’m going to give you a basic Overview of what the update has brought us. Right this o’way!

O'Reilly the Leprechaun

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Superhero Event 2015 Preparation

Hello Tappers!

We will soon be saying goodbye to the mini Valentines event however as one event goes another must arrive. And in this case it is the possible Superhero event 2015! This week we could see the possible arrival of the rumoured Superhero event that has been hinted by tapped out during the Valentines event and I’m back with another preparation post to help you prepare for another event! Just before the Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Easter and Clash of Clones event I did a post about preparing for the events and it turned out to be a big success. I’m back with the post but this time helping you prepare for The Superhero Event 2015!

For every player that might not have reached the top-level, you will need to prepare for this possible upcoming event. An event is always big and you most likely will need a lot of Money, Land, Friends and of course Donuts! So here is a guide to help you to prepare for the upcoming Superhero event of 2015.


Since this is a possible new event there isn’t really much to go on. However events have always followed the same procedure and it may not be that hard to expect what is coming in terms of how to win prizes, event currency, ect. It has not been confirmed that there is going to be a Superhero event however we was teased with the character of Fallout Boy and the fact he is coming to Springfield soon!

Now, Here is the preparation guide for the possible Superhero Event 2015!:

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Level 48 Premium Walkthrough: Lurleen – Country on the Inside

Hello fellow tappers, Level 48 was released on December 16th, during the Winter 2014 event, and introduced 2 new characters: Janey e Lurleen.

We already analyzed Janey’s questline here.

Lurleen Set

Today we analyze the interesting questline of Lurleen
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Winter 2014 Premium Kwik-Tap: King Winter and Stupid Sexy Flanders

Hello fellow tappers, LetsPlayNintendoITA here again for another quick guide, or as we call them, Kwik-Tap guide. This time, it’s the Premium Questlines!

We already covered Ice Princess Martin & Ice Palace’s Questline here: Ice Palace and the Princess Nerd.

Now for the rest of them: King Winter and Stupid Sexy Flanders!
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Winter 2014 Phase 1 Prizes Questlines

Hello fellow tappers, today we analyze the prizes questlines. In this post we start with the Phase 1 prizes and the reward for completing all tunnels: Zutroy! The prizes are all pretty simple questlines but Zutroy’s is 8 parts long. Let’s go!

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New and Old Limited Time Items in the Store!

Hello fellow tappers. Its time again: a new switch in the store was triggered by a date in the files and new and old items arrived in the store and are going to last till January 2nd at 8am GMT.


Christmas Mansion of Solid Gold
Gold Mansion Decorated.

Cost: 10Donut Currency
Requirement: Mansion of Solid Gold

Ice Fence
Ice Fence
Cost: 1Donut Currency
Can buy multiples

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Project After-Party – Kwik-Tap Guide

Hello fellow tappers,
I’m here to guide you through Phase 2 of the Christmas 2014 Event with the Kwik-Tap Guide of the main questline: Project After-Party.

Winter 2014 Phase 2 Guide

This is my first post here, as a new editor, and I want to wish each and every one of you Happy Holidays and a late Merry Christmas!

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