Introducing New Writer …

Hello fellow Tappers …


My name is Sam (happyTapper or 02sb13), you might know me from sites such as

* Tapped Out UK
* And my very own blog …

But today I am here to introduce myself as a new writer for TSTO topix!

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Topix Showcase: Show Us Your……Dirt?

I think we’re way past due on a few fun articles instead of the normal wave of walkthroughs and guides, which are vital but we need to mix things up a bit right?

One of the great new additions to come with the Wild West event was 2 new surface tiles: dirt and dirt roads. These new tiles are the first and only additions to the surface options to be added since the game’s inception and were a welcome addition to the game. I literally heard a collective “Yaay!” across the Tapped Out Design world when these came and many of you went right to work on making these fit perfectly into your terrifically designed towns. To others, however, these new tiles brought on many a puzzled facial expressions. “How can I use these?” “What’s the best way to fit dirt into my game?” and so on and so forth.


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Level 56: Daredevil Bart & Captain Murdoch – Complete Overview

Although I wasn’t really expecting an update so soon after the release of Springfield Heights (which I promise I am going to cover as soon as I figure out where to start), I was more than pleasantly surprised to see Level 56 drop and even MORE so when I saw what the new level brought with it. I can’t speak for any of you but I was born in the late 70’s making me a full-fledged 80’s baby and one of the most iconic real-life stars of that time, for me, wasn’t who you typically think of when, or if, you ever think back to that time. No I’m not talking about Max Headroom, E.T., the entire cast of The Ghostbusters and so on and so forth. Im talking about a legendary, fearless, one-of-a-kind stuntman named Robert Craig “Evel” Knievel. 


Evel Knieval was a household name back then and not because of that badass hairdo or outfit, but because this man broke pretty much every bone in his body multiple times while attempting stunts with dirtbikes and motorcycles so insane he actually failed most of the time and people still loved him. I fondly remember having an official Evel Knieval playset at home and would easily recreate his many devastating crashes as they were a hell of a lot easier to do than to actually pretend successful jumps.

I’m sure many of you at this point are wondering what in the world any of this has to do with Tapped Out so I’ll quit reminiscing and make the connection. Cue, Level 56 and Captain Lance Murdoch! All will be revealed after the jump along with the entire Level 56 Overview!

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Pride Month 2015 & Gil’s New Deal – Complete Overview

As fast as Bruce Jenner can whip on a skirt and become Caitlyn the beauty queen, so does the rush of rainbow to our tiny little Simpson world’s. In what is truly a first of its kind update, Pride Week 2015 has kicked off to celebrate Pride Month or LGBT Pride Month, which is celebrated every June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots in Manhattan, NY. Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, this update is accepted with a warm welcome rather a cold shoulder. As with every update no matter how hot the topic we are here to give you the hard facts, from a neutral stance and as objectively as possible.

1Call me paranoid but this isn’t my first day behind this screen with a controversial update and I have seen first hand how ugly it can get. I want to warn anyone with less than appropriate intentions, keep the comments to the update at hand and the actual facts regarding the new content, leave your personal beef at the door, if applicable. 

For those of you who are ready to boogie down for Pride Month, come get some sweaty, hot Overview, right this way!

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Now Serving: Level 52 – Lunch Lady Dora! – Basic Overview

Level 52 has just dropped ladies and gents, smack in the middle of an epic event yet again!! The hits just keep on coming and getting better and better each time. What follows will be a basic overview of the Level 52 additions with as much relevant info as possible for each new item. Also, on top of a new level with its new content AND during the Terwilligers Event,  we also get another new addition which essentially is a permanent mini-event for Mr. Burns which includes a new skin/costume for Mr. Burns and his Money Pile of which its progression will be the focus. We will be covering the new Burns content separately as it is significant enough to cover on its own. The following article regarding Level 52 can be considered a SPOILER if you have not yet downloaded the IN-GAME update. Brockman will kick things off for the Level 52 main quest so long as he is available. Details after the jump!
We will also be releasing the Kwik-Tap Guide and Full Walkthrough for Level 52 as fast as we possibly can.

Note: **Before you begin to panic that you’ll be taken away from the Terwilligers Event, it is IMPORTANT to note that all level updates are permanent additions to the game and never expire. What that means is, keep going on the Terwilligers if you do not want to lose any time for collecting ingredients to obtain the prizes and craftable items. Level 52 will be there when YOU are ready.**

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Level 51: Marvin Monroe – Overview

On the heels of the very first “unevent” for the Whacking Day/Easter period, Level 51 has dropped, bringing with it a couple of dead guys. Oh wait, one dead guy and one dead guy that ended up not being dead, just “very sick”. Springfield’s favorite, if there is one, psychiatrist Dr. Marvin Monroe and his Family Therapy Center have arrived to guarantee you “family bliss or double your money back”. Before you go and sell your TV’s, there’s more, Homer’s Simpson’s fateful co-worker Frank Grimes also arrives with Level 51, or at least his resurrected, not-dead-after-all-but-from-a-grave self, if that makes any sense. As always I present to you the overview for the update which covers exactly what the update brought, prices, few bits of info for each item, etc. Let’s see what Level 51 has for us. Right this way!

Marvin Monroe-episode-image
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St. Patrick’s Day 2015: Complete Event Kwik-Tap Guide

It is a very busy time in the world of Tapped Out which is highly unusual but pleasantly surprising. I don’t recall having this much to do at one time in ages. However, while some of us see more and more updates as fun, fun, fun, others tend to get a bit frantic, even overwhelmed, worrying if they are sending the right characters on the right quests and at the right times in order to not miss out on anything that may lie ahead. That’s where we come in to lend a hand.

I’m bringing you the stripped-down walkthrough, also known as our Kwik-Tap Guide, so that you only get the vital information needed to progress through the event without spoiling the clever dialog. I think it is important to note up front which quests should take precedence and which can be put off for a while. Follow me and we’ll get started.

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Should I Buy… The Crap Silo and Plopper the Pig? Premium Guide

What a better way to begin a post other than with a clip of one of the most popular and recognizable scenes ever in the history of The Simpsons. Finally after dozens of updates, events and episode tie-ins, as well as hundreds upon thousands of player requests, the infamous pet pig of Homer Simpson has made its way into our virtual worlds. Plopper the pig has arrived as a premium offering with the epic Superheroes Event of 2015 and not only has he arrived, he’s a SUPERHERO!

Silo Episode ImageAlthough, for me, buying Plopper was an absolute no-brainer, I’d have probably paid anything for him, however, any premium purchase is a tough call for many of you. That’s where we come in, to give you as much info and history on each premium offering as possible to help you answer the question, “Should I Buy….The Crap Silo with Plopper Pig?” Hopefully by the end of this article you will have gained at least some extra insight into this package that you may not have had before.

Let’s take a look into Plopper’s history first, right through here!

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Premium Guide: Superior Squad Membership

Hello Tappers!

Day 3 of the Superhero Event 2015 and I have to say I’m loving every second of it! Lets just hope I feel the same way in over a months time. By now you should be tapping away those Criminals in your town and collecting Carbon Rods to earn those SUPER-Prizes. Visiting friends daily getting more Carbon Rods, sending characters on jobs to earn more Carbon Rods. But what’s that?! You want more!?

Currently there is no way of purchasing Carbon Rods in the game so far, however you can speed up getting those Super prizes by speeding up the process with the help of donuts. However this would cost a lot and where is all the fun in just speeding up the prizes? But Nathan how can I get the prizes I want faster without the use of a boatload of donuts?, I hear you ask. Well there is another option which still costs but not as much as speeding up the prizes. This is called a ‘Superior Squad Membership’!

So should you buy the ‘Superior Squad Membership’? Well I hope to answer that question for all of you by looking at the details of the card and what it does for you in this event. The card will be listed with both pros and cons followed by a conclusion of what I think about the Superior Squad Membership Card. However, by the end of this post the decision is down to you, and this guide is only here to help you make that decision on purchasing the ‘Superior Squad Membership Card’. So let’s get started on the Premium Guide for the Superior Squad Membership Card:

Superhero Event Splash Screen

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Super-Overview: Superheroes Event 2015

Howdy Super Tappers! Nathan Here.

Radioactive Man

The Superhero Event has arrived! Is it a bird?, is it a plane?, No it’s The Superhero Event of 2015! Valentine’s was cut short this year and no more love roses, or love fences or love wheels (Hallelujah!) Instead we have been granted with ACTION! DANGER! and a SUPER-EVENT!

Superhero Event Splash Screen

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