Topix Showcase: Show Us Your……Dirt?

I think we’re way past due on a few fun articles instead of the normal wave of walkthroughs and guides, which are vital but we need to mix things up a bit right?

One of the great new additions to come with the Wild West event was 2 new surface tiles: dirt and dirt roads. These new tiles are the first and only additions to the surface options to be added since the game’s inception and were a welcome addition to the game. I literally heard a collective “Yaay!” across the Tapped Out Design world when these came and many of you went right to work on making these fit perfectly into your terrifically designed towns. To others, however, these new tiles brought on many a puzzled facial expressions. “How can I use these?” “What’s the best way to fit dirt into my game?” and so on and so forth.


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St. Patrick’s Day 2015: Complete Event Kwik-Tap Guide

It is a very busy time in the world of Tapped Out which is highly unusual but pleasantly surprising. I don’t recall having this much to do at one time in ages. However, while some of us see more and more updates as fun, fun, fun, others tend to get a bit frantic, even overwhelmed, worrying if they are sending the right characters on the right quests and at the right times in order to not miss out on anything that may lie ahead. That’s where we come in to lend a hand.

I’m bringing you the stripped-down walkthrough, also known as our Kwik-Tap Guide, so that you only get the vital information needed to progress through the event without spoiling the clever dialog. I think it is important to note up front which quests should take precedence and which can be put off for a while. Follow me and we’ll get started.

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Super-Overview: Superheroes Event 2015

Howdy Super Tappers! Nathan Here.

Radioactive Man

The Superhero Event has arrived! Is it a bird?, is it a plane?, No it’s The Superhero Event of 2015! Valentine’s was cut short this year and no more love roses, or love fences or love wheels (Hallelujah!) Instead we have been granted with ACTION! DANGER! and a SUPER-EVENT!

Superhero Event Splash Screen

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Topix Is Now On Tumblr!!

Good day to all of you, our crazy but brilliantly loyal readers, friends and followers! Just wanted to pop in real quick to let you all know that we have extended our reach into the gaming world just a few inches farther, with the creation of a Topix Tumblr account. As owner, although I may not be posting a lot for a good stretch of time, I am always looking for ways to increase the site’s exposure, fan base and all-around reputation. Not a single day goes by that I’m not thinking of some way to improve the site and our ability to reach a broader base.

As many of you know we are fast approaching our 2 year anniversary and in that short amount of time we have created numerous social media accounts to reach as many tappers as possible. Among those were Facebook, Twitter, both of which have automated publishing so no one misses a single post, and also a Flickr page, a BBM live chat account, a channel on IRC and other various platforms spanning the globe.

TSTO Topix

For those of you who don’t know what Tumblr is or how it works follow me and I’ll break it down for you as well as give you all of our vital info so you can connect with us there.

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A “Super” Let Down…. Or Is It? Post-Valentine’s Speculation

Hey friends!
Anyone who has followed me from my early days of blogging through till now knows that I am so not the speculative type of guy. In fact, I have actually advised my writers here at Topix to stray away from speculating whenever possible. But with the recent events of Tapped Out, or complete lack thereof, coupled with a very few and equally disappointing number of updates in general to kick off 2015, speculating is nature’s reaction to boredom and sheer disappointment. What else is there to do?
Having said that I’m here to start the rumor mill and give you my personal thoughts and expectations of what I THINK may or will happen in the coming weeks. I want to stress again that this is my personal, educated opinion based on certain instances, details given and just good ol’ fashioned gut intuition.
Anyone interested in reading what I think is going on with our beloved virtual escapes, follow me after the jump….


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The Different Welcome Screens

Hi Y’all!

This is just for fun and has no real relevance to the gameplay (so stop reading if this bothers you) but I find it interesting. It started on TOuk when someone asked about the old elf, Moldy, on the splashscreen and confusion arised. Not everyone had Moldy on their screen.

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Bye, Bye Birdie! Next Update Preparations

Well friends as of this writing which is December 2, 2014 @ 8:00 am EST, the battle between the Puritans and Vegan Natives has come to a peaceful end, the turkey has been cooked, eaten and served for leftovers and the third installment of the Tapped Out Thanksgiving Mini-Event has left the building.
I sincerely hope everyone got a chance to grab any or all of the limited-time goodies, but if you didn’t I’m pretty sure we’ll see it all again next year (unfortunate hint-hint EA!, stop rehashing over and over!)


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Should I Buy…Teleporters Alpha and Omega? Premium Guide

Hello Tappers!

The Halloween Event has begun and since we’re at the end of week one, It’s time for a premium guide on the new items the Halloween 2014 event brought. So what has teleported into our towns? Well believe it or not we have actual teleports! In this premium guide I will be looking at the Teleports Alpha and Omega. Before you click that confirm donut button I would check out this premium guide first!


This will follow out as a normal premium guide with Game Information, Background History and some pros and cons all topped off with a conclusion.


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Treehouse of Horror I (Halloween Speculation)

Howdy Tappers!

Yes, I’m super super excited for the upcoming Halloween event of 2014! The Halloween events have always been my favorite and I’m already counting the days as we get closer and closer to October 7, 2014. Since I’m waiting for the event I thought I would create a little bit of speculation and a wish list of what I would want from the 2014 Halloween event.


To get myself in the Halloween spirit I have been watching horror movies all weekend along with some Treehouse of Horror episodes to pass the time. However nothing beats a good old speculation posts of what I would like for the upcoming Halloween update.


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Poll: Halloween 2014

Hello Tappers!

It’s poll time! Since the Halloween event will be arriving soon I thought I would do a small poll just before the arrival of the event. Halloween 2012 brought Zombies stalking the citizens of Springfield, with Halloween 2013 bringing us Ghosts haunting Tapped Out. So the question is, what will Halloween 2014 bring?



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