Topix Gaming News: A Glimpse Into The Futurama

Some exciting news has been hitting the Great Wide Web over the past few hours regarding FOX’s “other” classic animated series, Futurama. A very cryptic site has risen from out of nowhere with promises of a new mobile game based on the cult classic that’s been canceled and renewed and re-networked a dozen times.
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In-Game Update!!!! Pride Month Has Arrived To Springfield?!

An in-game update has just hit the servers bringing an update called Pride Month to our virtual realities. I’m literally downloading the files and examining as I’m typing this so please stay tuned for what Pride Month contains. But right now, GO! Go download your updates and check it out for yourselves! We’ll be posting coverage momentarily!

The Terwilligers Are Coming!! (Contains Spoilers!)

We just got word from the EA server pipeline that an update is on its way, and what an update it will be!! Springfield’s most feared and loved, if that makes any sense, criminal Sideshow Bob is about to pounce on our Springfield’s. And he’s bringing backup by way of his family, the Terwilligers!! Tapped Out’s newest unique event is right around the corner and Homer’s New Year’s resolutions from 2014 is one step closer to being completed. We’re still pouring through the information at the moment so we’ll give you what we have. Find out what this criminal family is planning after the jump!


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Superheroes 2015 Event Takedown

Just getting out a quick announcement to state the obvious, for some. An update has hit the iOS Store which appears to be just a take down release for the Superheroes event. As of this writing my Google Play Store has not yet received the update but you can be certain it is on its way within the next few minutes to about an hour.

Update: both me and Lets have the update in the Googlestore

The time to bid our Superheroes a very fond farewell has arrived after weeks of some very exciting and refreshingly entertaining comic battles that resulted in many of us now owning forever some of the show’s most recognized and beloved characters. I sincerely hope this type of event becomes the norm for sure.

ico_mysterybox_revisedNote: Before we go any further I want to repeat, the update is an APP STORE update not IN-GAME meaning you will have to manually open your app store not open the game. 

Also after you update, please be sure to double check your Confirm-Donut-Spend option as updates tend to reset them to OFF which can mean you losing many donuts. 

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Super-Overview: Superheroes Event 2015

Howdy Super Tappers! Nathan Here.

Radioactive Man

The Superhero Event has arrived! Is it a bird?, is it a plane?, No it’s The Superhero Event of 2015! Valentine’s was cut short this year and no more love roses, or love fences or love wheels (Hallelujah!) Instead we have been granted with ACTION! DANGER! and a SUPER-EVENT!

Superhero Event Splash Screen

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A “Super” Let Down…. Or Is It? Post-Valentine’s Speculation

Hey friends!
Anyone who has followed me from my early days of blogging through till now knows that I am so not the speculative type of guy. In fact, I have actually advised my writers here at Topix to stray away from speculating whenever possible. But with the recent events of Tapped Out, or complete lack thereof, coupled with a very few and equally disappointing number of updates in general to kick off 2015, speculating is nature’s reaction to boredom and sheer disappointment. What else is there to do?
Having said that I’m here to start the rumor mill and give you my personal thoughts and expectations of what I THINK may or will happen in the coming weeks. I want to stress again that this is my personal, educated opinion based on certain instances, details given and just good ol’ fashioned gut intuition.
Anyone interested in reading what I think is going on with our beloved virtual escapes, follow me after the jump….


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Episode Fact File: The Man Who Came To Be Dinner

Howdy Tappers!

Last sunday, we had a new episode of The Simpsons! Fox aired a brand new episode of The Simpsons and despite not getting an tie-in update for this episode, I’m still going to cover everything you need to know in my Episode Fact File. Since my departure there have been no Episode Fact File articles published, so basically if you are new to these type of posts, this one will give you all of the information ahead of tonight’s episode. I will include information along with exclusive pictures and videos.

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Christmas from EA! Log in Today for Free Stuff!!

Merry Christmas everyone!! I hope Santa visited everyone and fulfilled your wish lists. In between tearing open gifts and getting fat on Christmas dinner and perhaps buzzed on Duff, you might want to take a few minutes to login to your games today.
Today and today only EA Santa has potentially, a few special gifts for you just for doing what you do everyday and what you do best: tapping.


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Update 12/22/14 – Holiday Promo Teaser / Gil Deal

A small in-game update has just hit the servers and at first glance it is a teaser quest for a Holiday Donut Deal that will be released on Christmas Eve. What you get now is a small one-part quest for Apu called, Frankincense, Myrrh And Donuts. More info after the jump.


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Jingle Bell Wreck – Kwik Tap Guide

Jingle Bell Wreck is the main quest of the Christmas/Winter 2014 event. Most of you are already well into this so most of this will be null for you but we’re here to help everyone at all levels and stages. Plus this will be the whole quest line and not just up to a certain point even though it will be released in two stages. If you haven’t already reached it, until December 23, the farthest you can go is to Jingle Bell Wreck Pt. 12. Part 13 will release after that. Here we go!



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