Now Serving: Level 52 – Lunch Lady Dora! – Basic Overview

Level 52 has just dropped ladies and gents, smack in the middle of an epic event yet again!! The hits just keep on coming and getting better and better each time. What follows will be a basic overview of the Level 52 additions with as much relevant info as possible for each new item. Also, on top of a new level with its new content AND during the Terwilligers Event,  we also get another new addition which essentially is a permanent mini-event for Mr. Burns which includes a new skin/costume for Mr. Burns and his Money Pile of which its progression will be the focus. We will be covering the new Burns content separately as it is significant enough to cover on its own. The following article regarding Level 52 can be considered a SPOILER if you have not yet downloaded the IN-GAME update. Brockman will kick things off for the Level 52 main quest so long as he is available. Details after the jump!
We will also be releasing the Kwik-Tap Guide and Full Walkthrough for Level 52 as fast as we possibly can.

Note: **Before you begin to panic that you’ll be taken away from the Terwilligers Event, it is IMPORTANT to note that all level updates are permanent additions to the game and never expire. What that means is, keep going on the Terwilligers if you do not want to lose any time for collecting ingredients to obtain the prizes and craftable items. Level 52 will be there when YOU are ready.**

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Terwilligers Event Act 2 Premium Kwik-Tap Guide: Francesca Terwilliger

Act 2 of the historical Terwilliger’s Event brings to us one addition to the premium series and the next Terwilliger family member of the set, Francesca Terwilliger. Francesca, for those who do not already know, is the Italian wife of Robert “Sideshow Bob” Terwilliger and mother to the young, homicidal offspring of the pair, Gino. I apologize for the confusion with the Kwik-Tap’s of Act 2, and I would like to give a HUGE “thank you” to LetsplaynintendoITA, for his unwavering dedication to keeping the info flowing here at Topix. However, it is customary and important that we keep freemium and premium info separate at all times so that our articles are easy to find and read for both sides of the fence. Having said that, I am simply re-posting LPN’s premium Kwik-Tap by itself rather than mixed with the Kwik-Tap for the main quest of Act 2.
The Should I Buy….? for Francesca will follow shortly after this, however, the Kwik-Tap’s can actually be considered a part of the Should I Buy…? as it gives players a glimpse into what type of quest will accompany a premium purchase and will help to determine if the donuts are worth the buy. Francesca’s quest begins after the jump.

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Level 51: Marvin Monroe – Overview

On the heels of the very first “unevent” for the Whacking Day/Easter period, Level 51 has dropped, bringing with it a couple of dead guys. Oh wait, one dead guy and one dead guy that ended up not being dead, just “very sick”. Springfield’s favorite, if there is one, psychiatrist Dr. Marvin Monroe and his Family Therapy Center have arrived to guarantee you “family bliss or double your money back”. Before you go and sell your TV’s, there’s more, Homer’s Simpson’s fateful co-worker Frank Grimes also arrives with Level 51, or at least his resurrected, not-dead-after-all-but-from-a-grave self, if that makes any sense. As always I present to you the overview for the update which covers exactly what the update brought, prices, few bits of info for each item, etc. Let’s see what Level 51 has for us. Right this way!

Marvin Monroe-episode-image
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St. Patrick’s Day 2015: Complete Event Kwik-Tap Guide

It is a very busy time in the world of Tapped Out which is highly unusual but pleasantly surprising. I don’t recall having this much to do at one time in ages. However, while some of us see more and more updates as fun, fun, fun, others tend to get a bit frantic, even overwhelmed, worrying if they are sending the right characters on the right quests and at the right times in order to not miss out on anything that may lie ahead. That’s where we come in to lend a hand.

I’m bringing you the stripped-down walkthrough, also known as our Kwik-Tap Guide, so that you only get the vital information needed to progress through the event without spoiling the clever dialog. I think it is important to note up front which quests should take precedence and which can be put off for a while. Follow me and we’ll get started.

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Level 50: Kwik-Tap Guide – The Joy of Gossip & The Real Investorettes (Bonus Quest)

If you ask me, EA must have had some serious closed-door meetings over the winter regarding the current state, or lack thereof, of Tapped Out. I say this because not only we were hit ever so sweetly with a fantastic Superhero event that has given us classic show icons including Bartman, now they lay yet another terrific gem in our laps with the addition of Helen Lovejoy and the rest of Level 50. FINALLY, jeez!

Anyhow, we’ve sort of gone off of our normal posting formula in recent months, strictly due to lack of manpower, and although we’ve been absolutely fortunate enough to acquire wonderful help from LPN who’s gotten Topix through a rough winter, we’re going to get back on track. Starting with the return of the popular Kwik-Tap Guide. For our newer readers, Topix’s Kwik-Tap Guides are stripped down versions of walkthroughs. Rather than spoil you with all of the incredibly funny and cleverly written dialog of new quests, these guides just give you a heads up on which characters needs to be free to begin a specific part of a quest, how long is the task, what building is needed, etc. This way you know not to send a character on those dreadful random tasks if you know already that he or she is needed for a new quest.

characters_level50And with that I’ll stop blabbering and get to the newest quest for Level 50 and Helen Lovejoy.

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Super-Overview: Superheroes Event 2015

Howdy Super Tappers! Nathan Here.

Radioactive Man

The Superhero Event has arrived! Is it a bird?, is it a plane?, No it’s The Superhero Event of 2015! Valentine’s was cut short this year and no more love roses, or love fences or love wheels (Hallelujah!) Instead we have been granted with ACTION! DANGER! and a SUPER-EVENT!

Superhero Event Splash Screen

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The Superhero Event is LIVE!!! How To Get Things Started

Just a quick shout to let everyone know, if you don’t know already, that the Superhero Event is now live and official in your app store. At first glance it already appears to probably be the most advanced and action-packed update in the history of the game. Yup, I said it already.

Superhero Event Splash Screen

In order to kick things off you will need who? Homer, of course. But before that just opening the game after updating you can see that just about everything has been fitted to mimic a live action comic book. The splash screen is by far the coolest and with it are different comic themed game icons, comic-book styled dialogue delivery, panel by panel, even the game’s usual font has been changed to look just like the famous fonts used in the classic superhero comic books. While I won’t get into all of the event’s details right here please follow me after the jump to find out what you need to do to activate the actual event.

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Level 48 Premium Walkthrough: Lurleen – Country on the Inside

Hello fellow tappers, Level 48 was released on December 16th, during the Winter 2014 event, and introduced 2 new characters: Janey e Lurleen.

We already analyzed Janey’s questline here.

Lurleen Set

Today we analyze the interesting questline of Lurleen
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Winter 2014 Phase 1 Prizes Questlines

Hello fellow tappers, today we analyze the prizes questlines. In this post we start with the Phase 1 prizes and the reward for completing all tunnels: Zutroy! The prizes are all pretty simple questlines but Zutroy’s is 8 parts long. Let’s go!

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Level 48 – Kwik-Tap Guide

As the great, well not so great, Blue-haired Lawyer says, “Jezz, I take a nap and look what happens!”, once again our beloved games have updated while I slept. The downside to working graveyard shift I guess, but thanks to Emma, who might I add, has been absolutely terrific with helping to keep Topix afloat during this time. A HUGE thanks to her and her dedication, I really don’t know what I’d do without her.

Level 48 has arrived and right smack in the heart of the Christmas/Winter event so I’m sure many of you are in “panic mode” right about now. I had considered doing my usual Overview post but Emma has covered the update brilliantly enough just with her announcement post. In a nutshell, Level 48 isn’t much more than that. You can check that out here to find out what came. So I’m here to bring you the Kwik-Tap Guide to help you at least be aware of the bare necessities to navigate through the update if you choose.

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