St. Paddy’s Day 2014 – Quick-Tap Walkthrough Guide

Hey folks! Time for another edition of our Quick-Tap Guide which essentially is a stripped down version of the full walkthroughs. These guides provide no spoilers of the dialog parts of quests and only tell you who you need to have free, which parts they need to be free and what the tasks are. St. Patrick’s Day is upon us now so I will be providing the basic necessary info for the quests that came with the update. Ready, set, go!!



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The TopiX Opinion: Valentines 2014 Event

This is one of those series that doesn’t come by that often, in fact it only comes at the end of an event! So for our third edition of The TopiX Opinion, we are taking on the Valentines 2014 Event. We’re pulling it apart, going over the good, the bad and the finger-breaking moments. Read below for what our team had to say:


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Where Do I Tap? Friends Town Walkthrough

Valentines brought us a fresh new way to look at currency (if you call hearts currency). This time around we didn’t get it from buildings, we didn’t get it from killing poor unsuspecting ghosts, we didn’t get it from breaking our fingers hitting those snakes, we got it from LOVE!

This time around there are five ways to get hearts:

  1. Your friend sends one of your characters a valentine (2 hearts for you, 1-5 for them)
  2. You send one of your friends characters a valentine (1-5 hearts for you, 2 for them)
  3. You send one of the characters in your town on a valentines quest (See this post)
  4. You complete the quests in the main quest line (you are usually given 50 or 200)
  5. You buy them with your donuts. (See this post)
  6. You undergo surgery and put your own in the game (1 real life heart = 500 game hearts)

**Just in case you were wondering, the sixth one was a joke, please do not undertake any surgery or try to place a human heart into your device**

But not only is this post telling you how to get hearts, I have also included a list of characters that can receive valentines, which give hearts, cash and xp. (see point 1 and 2 above).

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Should I Buy?: Brandine Spuckler

Hello Tapped Out Lovers!

So we are now on the final addition of Brandine Spuckler. We have already posted her full walk-through which can be found here, along with some background show history on the character which can be found here. So all that is left to do is the premium guide.

In this post we will be taking a look at some game information on Brandine Spuckler, along with some pros and cons on the character which will all be summarised at the end. After reading this post you should have finally come to your conclusion on purchasing Brandine Spuckler.


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TopiX History Files: The Spuckler Family

Hello Loving Tappers!

This update we have been given four new members of the Spuckler family. In this post I will be taking a look at the history of these four new characters and finding out where it all began. This post is based on the show information as the game information will now be added to the ‘Should I Buy: Brandine Spuckler’.


Brandine Spuckler:

Brandine Spuckler made her first appearance during episode three of season seven in the episode ‘Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily’. Brandine is the wife of Cletus Spuckler and his sister?! The couple or should I say siblings have had over fifty children and have one of the biggest families in the show.


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