Episode Fact Files

Episode Fact File recap episodes with pictures, video clips and more, including exclusive previews from the future, thanks to our friend site WikiSimpsons. The following is the complete list of all the posts that we’ve done since we begun with Married to the Blob, including the special ones!

EFFSeason 25


Season 26


Season 27


Season 28


Season 29

Season 30

  • Treehouse of Horror XXIX

Season 31

  • Treehouse of Horror XXX

Unscheduled episodes

  • No Good Read Goes Unpunished
  • Fears of a Clown
  • Forgive and Regret
  • King Leer
  • Lisa Gets the Blues
  • Left Behind
  • Throw Grampa from the Dane
  • Flanders’ Ladder
  • Heartbreak Hotel
  • My Way or the Highway to Heaven
  • Baby You Can’t Drive My Car
  • Bart’s Not Dead
  • From Russia Without Love


Season 27, 28 and 29 Preview