Episode Fact File: Simprovised

The new season of The Simpsons continues, and this Sunday, May 15th, 2016, Fox aired “Simprovised”, the 21st episode of Season 27, and the 595th episode to date. This Episode Fact File will recap the episode with pictures, video clips and more. Get the scoop right after the jump!

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Donut Prices Raised in Europe and Canada, D’oh!

Hello fellow tappers,
Europe and Canada got a rude awakening today as players awoke to find the price of donuts had increased! There was no warning or announcement from EA, Apple or Google Play in advance whatsoever regarding this increase.

The prices raised by around 15%:
immagine (1)
Keep reading after the jump for the price comparison for Euros, Pounds, Kronor, Canadian Dollars and Roubles.
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