Episode Fact File: The Marge-ian Chronicles

The new season of The Simpsons continues, and this Sunday, March 13th, 2016, Fox aired “The Marge-ian Chronicles”, the 16th episode of Season 27, and the 590th episode to date. This Episode Fact File will recap the episode with pictures, video clips and more. Get the scoop right after the jump!

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Top 10 donut purchases 10-6 (Part one)

Hey Tappers of Topix! Today I have a guest post that has been in my email for quite some time now and recently I have not been able to get around to it due to my secret project on something that is coming soon to topix this Halloween! Now this post is from Steven, also known by many of you tappers as esteban2808. Steven will be talking about his top ten premium purchases and this post may help your decision much easier on buying something premium this Halloween. Thanks again, Nathan. 

Hi all, Steven here (esteban2808). My guest post today is more aimed at the new players (and those older players yet to go premium). I am talking about what in my opinion are the best donut purchases. No one likes buying something and later regretting it, so hopefully I can help out a few people who are sitting on the fence on what to get or whether to take the plunge to go premium or not.

Before I start the list I will quickly introduce myself. I’m 24 and live near Wellington, New Zealand (our capital). I have been playing Tapped Out since late February, shortly after the game came to android. Professor Frink, Squeaky Voiced Teen and Moleman were some of my first purchases, but I didn’t start buying premium until partway through whacking day when I decided I didn’t want to miss out on Tatum and Miss Springfield, so I bought some snake rocks and logs to make sure I would get them (and then it was extended… Ah all these memories are coming back and with Halloween around the corner I am just about ready for another big time-consuming event). Currently I am working on level 34, Krustyland, putting finishing touches on squidport and buying land. Once I have all the land, I plan on doing a complete redesign of my town (probably between the Halloween and Xmas 2013 events).

DISCLAIMER: The following is a list on what my own personal opinions of what the best donut purchases are. They are not necessarily the views shared by the writers of tstotopix.

10. Bumblebee Man

Cost: 60 Donuts

Reason: This one is a toss-up between Bumblebee Man and Dr Nick. At the end of the day Bumblebee Man is 30 donuts less and allows you to run Channel Ocho at Channel 6 (even though I probably prefer Dr Nick, I think that being 30 donuts less and the bonus channel he provides, Bumblebee Man is the slightly better buy).

Negatives: For a new player there are not that many tasks he can do. You are limited to his (short) outside tasks or the 4 hour one at the library (if you have it). This kind of makes sense as he was released with the level 23 update.

When Should I buy it?: I would wait until you have the town hall (or even Channel 6).

9. Boardwalk fountain

Cost: 75 Donuts

Reason: This is probably my favourite decoration in the game. It has a continuous animation and gives a healthy 2.75% bonus to your cash and experience.

Negatives: It comes with no characters (where there are characters you can buy for less). It also takes up a precious boardwalk piece.

When Should I buy it?: As it is part of Squidport, new players cannot buy it until after you have completed Squidport part 5. I like it, but I would possibly wait a bit into your Squidport construction where you have a spare tile to place the fountain on.

The Simpsons Tapped Out Boardwalk Fountain

8. Eyeballs of death

Cost: 100 Donuts

Reason: This is my pick from Krustyland. It gives Bart and Comic Book Guy their 8 hour Krustyland task and Lisa her second 8 hour task. 8 hour tasks are my most used task length so that is a big plus for me. It also goes nicely with Scratchy’s Flea Dipper. The animation is pretty cool, and your characters don’t have to be using it for the animation to happen. It pays out 90 tickets and 30 xp every 12 hours.

Negatives: It is 100 donuts for a building that only three characters use (16% of Krustyland characters). But in saying that, we have seen worse for a higher donut price.

When Should I buy it?: I would buy it pretty soon after Bart and Lisa arrives at Krustyland. Helps you earn those precious tickets.

nathanrushton's eye ball of death


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Duffman is here, to refill your beer!

Hello everyone and this might just be the longest post I have ever written. Now this is going to be a bundle of stuff all to do about Duffman! This is going to be the complete guide about Duffman and everything you need to know about this party animal, beer drinking character! First I would just like to make a quick note that we have reached 500,000 hits and the post on that all ready may be posted or will soon be posted. The Duffman guide will start off with his character profile and then we will finish the guide with his walk-through, This is going to be the post to visit If you want to know everything about Duffman and If he is worth the buy. So lets kick off this post with his character profile:

Character Profile:

Duffman or Barry Duffman is a premium character unlocked upon the completion of the Duff Brewery. He has 8 jobs in total, one of which is unlocked by the Duff Stadium which was only originally available during the Whacking Day Event, but then became premium after the event ended. He was also moved from the C-List Celebrities Character Collection to the B-List Celebrities Character Collection with the Whacking Day Event. This made room for Miss Springfield, unlocked with the Whacking Day Prize of the Sleep-Eazy Motel (which also became premium after Whacking Day). Barry Duffman, known mostly by his working name Duffman, is the mascot and spokesman for the Duff Beer company. There are actually multiple people who play Duffman. There will be more information on Duffman and the part he plays in the game further down in the post.



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Krustyland Expansion Ideas and more (Guest Post)

This is the site’s very first guest post from Michael, But we all know him as “mikeydislikesit“. Michael has been commenting on the site for a while now and he even has his own website! Here is Michael’s post, Enjoy:

The Tooth Chipper

Hey TSTO Fans! I decided to do a quick post on some additions I’d like to see added to Krustyland in the future. Obviously The Simpsons has done a ton of stuff over the years with amusement parks and other types of attractions and even though most of these were separate parks, it would be awesome to combine it all into our own Krustyland’s. Some of these will be obvious WANT’S, others not so obvious (just obscure stuff I happen to remember having grown up being raised by the Simpson family).

I also think it would be a great idea if they started having theme-type packages when new levels are introduced. So, for example, when the next level is released, why not add a new section for Krustyland based on a particular theme (see below for some ideas). That way we can start sectioning off parts of our theme park based on a particular theme. For example, the game already has a lot of Itchy and Scratchy stuff which makes it easy to create an Itchy and Scratchy Land section of the park! Just an idea that I think would be great for future updates!

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Spoiler:Upcoming Gil Offer

There is a small spoiler that I found today and not sure if this was posted on the last site but will post it on here just in case. Now if you are viewing on the home page please click continue reading to see the spoiler.

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