Springfield Games: Last 24 hours of the event!

Springfield Games are almost over! Hurry up and finish them! You’ve till tomorrow, Tuesday August 16th, at 9am BST!


Springfield Games: Guide to Pin Collecting and Fatov

Lisa has a true addiction for pins, not again 😉, arriving in our games with a new mini-game for this mini-event unlocking a mini-character (actually it is just a character).

Guide posts are fun to do, in my opinion, and I know this is a new aspect of the game so here is my guide to pin collecting, Pin Collecting Lisa and Fatov …


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What Changed With the Springfield Games Patch 1 Update? (August 9th)

A new patch has been released, changing some text, rendering premium the Gym Locker Mystery Box’s skins and fixing the Felon Packs glitch! As most of you know by now, every update not only brings new content but also changes to many other aspects of the game. From prices to appearance, task lengths to requirements, any part of the game is subject to change and many changes affect every player. Follow us right after the jump for the list of all of the changes.

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How do the Springfield Games Items Affect the Conform-O-Meter?

With every new content update the game receives, each new item arrive with its own bonus reward or contribution to the Conform-O-Meter but also many times EA makes changes to existing or previously released content as well. To find out what the Springfield Games event and its content have brought to the table keep reading after the jump.
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Springfield Games Premium Walkthrough: Half-Pipe, Cristo of Springfield and Mystery Locker Promo

Hot donuts are spent in this event when the Olympics arrive in Springfield and link us to Rio! Join us right after the jump for the walkthrough of the premium items of the event!

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Springfield Games Walkthrough: A Prickly Obsession

An old obsession has taken over Lisa and this time it brings some good in our town: a new playable character! Join us right after the jump for walkthrough of Pin Collector Lisa!

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Item Overview: Cristo of Springfield

Springfield is pulling off the first ever Springfield Games in our towns in this new mini-event. Full of prizes, dialogue and items in store there is plenty of information to find out. In this post we explore Cristo of Springfield a new item added to this mini-event.

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Springfield Games: Event Prizes

New buildings and decorations, a new skin for Lisa, and some fun with Go-Karts awaits us in this event. Join us right after the jump for the list of all the Springfield Games Prizes!
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Springfield Games Walkthrough: Springfield Games Part 2 and Go-Kart Racing

The hottest event of the summer continues, with the lighting of the… cauldron! Join us right after the jump for the second part of the walkthrough of the main quest of the event!

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Item Overview: Half Pipe

Springfield is going for gold in this new mini-event. Can Lisa persuade adults to take part? Is training going to pull anything off? Well one thin is for sure, this mini-event is filled with prizes and a mixture of new and returning items. In this post we review one of the new items to hit the store: the half pipe.

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