Episode Fact File: Season 29 and 30: What We Know So Far! (Part 8: 2017 #4-2018 #1) (Update: January 19th) [Contains SPOILERS]

Season 28 has recently ended and season 29 is building up nicely, with season 30 flowing now too! Today, in collaboration with almost all episodes revealed. The Springfield Shopper, Wikisimpson‘s blog, we’re going to analyze what we know so far of Season 29 and 30! Follow us right after the jump!

The following article contains the sixth part of the news, with all the news that come out in the second part of 2017. To follow the other posts click here: 2015, 2016 part 1, 2016 part 2, 2016 part 3, 2016 part 4 and 2017 part 1, 2017 part 2 and 2017 part 3!

Note: This article will be updated with more news as they come out!
Attention: This post contains SPOILERS about future episodes!

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